Use Google or Echo device as speaker

I can’t find a clear answer on if and how you can make Google or Echo devices say something on a trigger. I just want something to say “garage door opened”, and preferably Google in my case.

It’s easy with Alexa devices, you can just trigger an Alexa routine (not a SmartThings routine). If you have a physical sensor which is visible in the Alexa app, you just use that as the trigger and then you can have your Alexa devices make an announcement when that sensor opens. And if your physical sensor is not visible in Alexa, you can use a virtual sensor on the SmartThings side. Very popular use case. :sunglasses:

Here’s the community FAQ on that method:

FAQ: Can I trigger an Echo Action without Speaking to It?

But that one only works with echo devices. I know that at the time of this writing google routines didn’t offer all the same options, but hopefully someone else will know if there’s a workaround for those. :thinking:

Thanks for the reply. The there are a few things that makes me prefer Google device. First, I have Google devices all over my house, and just got one Echo dot to give this a try. The other issue is I have a Ring contact sensor on the garage door which I just noticed it’s too far and the open/close messages are hit and miss, so the 1 Echo I have won’t announce accurately. That long range issue with that one Ring sensor is another sad story that I can’t go over details here :smile: So I was trying to see if Google is finally living in 2022 and it figured out, but I guess not.