Use Double Tap to Control Linear Garage Door Opener

I plan to begin making use of the Double tap smartApp to control some of the lighting in my home and I was wondering if there was a way to modify the app to control the Linear garage door opener I have. I’m not all that familiar with the smartApp language, though I do plan to learn, but there should be a way to add controls for the contact sensor/ relay system that controls locks and doors. It would great to be able to use the light switches by the back door to open the garage door. Thanks for any help!

you can ask @bravenel or @Chuck_Norris !

:slight_smile: Bruce accidentally paired it with his garage door…

I appreciate the response and I will certainly look the program over. However it appears that the Double Tap app will not work for me. The switches (Leviton DZS15) do not seem to register quickly enough to trigger the apps functions. I suppose I will have to keep looking.