Use cloud cover data from a 3rd party provider (OpenMapWeather,WU,EcoBee) in Automation

What is the least effort path to use cloud cover data in automation in the new SmartThings app? Is it WebCore? Is there a Groovy device handler that will pull data from a service? I’d prefer to use EcoBee thermostat to read weather data, but the OOTB device (handler?) doesn’t appear to support all values made available by the EcoBee API.
I’m deciding if it’s worth switching to ST from OpenHab.

To just ‘see it’ Install the smart weather tile: (I like this one because I know it works in ActionTiles, which I use for display panels)

If you want to ‘use’ it in meaningful automations, use the TWCWeather methods in WebCore.

I’m using it to do things like notify or auto-close exterior doors during bad weather, voice notifications through Alexa (in combination with EchoSpeaks) for weather alerts, etc. and a few other things.

Thank you. Is there anything available that doesn’t require development? I figured out device handlers, but I don’t care to write pistons just to get cloud coverage…

Negative, Ghost Rider.