Use Automatic as a presence sensor?

I know it’s not on the supported compatibility list, but is it possible to use the Automatic car trcker as a presence sensor? Ideally I’d like to pull into the driveway and have the door unlock/garage door open/etc… Is this possible natively or would I need to look at some sort of hack with IFTTT?

I have Automatic for my car.

It’s Bluetooth, so no support for ST. But in theory, you have to have a phone for Automatic to work anyway, so why not use presence from the phone anyway?

It is possible to have IFTTT trigger an action via Automatic based on a change to your ignition status in a certain area.

Location turned on on my phone sucks the battery life unfortunately.

What some people do, is they keep a ST arrival sensor in the glove or sunglass compartment.

Here’s what you need then.

There is some unofficial integration Here

I haven’t used it, so I don’t know if it’ll work for what you are trying to do.

The problem with IFTTT integration is the only location based stuff is tied to ignition on or off

I’ve found Automatic with IFTTT unreliable.