Use Automatic as a presence sensor?


I know it’s not on the supported compatibility list, but is it possible to use the Automatic car trcker as a presence sensor? Ideally I’d like to pull into the driveway and have the door unlock/garage door open/etc… Is this possible natively or would I need to look at some sort of hack with IFTTT?

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I have Automatic for my car.

It’s Bluetooth, so no support for ST. But in theory, you have to have a phone for Automatic to work anyway, so why not use presence from the phone anyway?

It is possible to have IFTTT trigger an action via Automatic based on a change to your ignition status in a certain area.


Location turned on on my phone sucks the battery life unfortunately.

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What some people do, is they keep a ST arrival sensor in the glove or sunglass compartment.

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Here’s what you need then.

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There is some unofficial integration Here

I haven’t used it, so I don’t know if it’ll work for what you are trying to do.

The problem with IFTTT integration is the only location based stuff is tied to ignition on or off

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I’ve found Automatic with IFTTT unreliable.