USB Switch (UK)

So I have a set of 5V USB string Lights and I am trying to work out the easiest way to have them switchable from Smart things.

They will be permanently mounted on the Ceiling in my kids room… so want to make it as neat as possible.

240v > standard USB connector>

So I need to Drop from 240 to.a 5v USB - Any UK inwall solution for this? I’v never seen one?

Aeon Nano switch the best option?

I have the aeon plug - which has a USB charger - but annoyingly that is not switched.

I don’t think there’s any neat way of doing it especially if you’re not using a WiFi controller as you would probably have to plug a smart switch into the sticker then the transformer into that.
But then you wouldn’t be able to control the actual LEDs so you couldn’t dim them or change the colour through SmartThings.
I bought some WiFi led controllers from China for about £7-£8 each and once they have the SmartThings firmware on you wire your LEDs into and and then a 12v power supply and I just plug that into the wall socket like a phone charger.
But that allows me to control it through SmartThings and include it in routines etc.

Thanks Steve - These are just white LED lights on a string they fit into Woven Cotten ball things. Not RGB or anything

“once they have the SmartThings firmware on” - What do you mean by this? Are these programmable or something? Thisi sounds interesting Can you please post a link?
I use the FLS-PP - Expensive - but link though Hue.

I am surprised no one makes a simple USB though switch even battery operated if the power is an issue.

Fo the moment I’ll use an Aeon Plug with Apple USB plugged in - Not elegant!

Ah just realised I got muddled up with what kind of LEDs you are using.
I just presumed it was RGB LED strip lights that you stick on to places.
I use THESE to control my LEDs they apparently support 5v but I use 12v transformers to power them.
If them lights you have work the same as standard LEDs where you have a wire for each colour you could in theory snip the usb off then connect the wires to this controller and you could then control it directly through SmartThings.
But if it’s just a simple on/off led you may still be able to use this but only for turning it on and off through SmartThings.
Either way if you do fancy these you can only order them from China and they take about 4 weeks to arrive and once they arrive they don’t officially work with SmartThings some guy on here has created a firmware to flash the device which allows it to work.

Not sure this is what you have in mind?

They can be plugged into a Laptop or USB phone charger

If they plug into a regular USB wall wart, just plug the wall wart into a smartthings-controllable pocket socket and put it in a recessed box… People do this kind of recess for home theatre equipment all the time.

Alternatively, since you are in Europe, not US, some of the in wall micros can be used to control in wall receptacles (which are lower amps than the ones In the US) And then you just put the receptacles in the recess and plug the wall wart into that (without needing a pocket socket in between) . Check the specs carefully, but I’m pretty sure aeotec has some models in Europe that will work for an in wall receptacle there.

There are lots of different styles of the receptacles, again look In Home theatre equipment.


Another option is just to plug it into the regular receptacle via wall wart and pocketsocket and then use what in the US is called “raceway” — I don’t know the term in the UK. But it’s just a hard plastic cable cover that you put over the cord as it runs up the wall. These are usually paintable and can look quite elegant. See the following topic for discussion and pictures:

It looks like in the UK these covers are called “cable trunking” or just “cable covers.”