USB Rechargeable SMART bulb?

I doubt if you’ll find longer run times because the light itself uses a lot of charge. Even a dumb battery operated light rarely lasts longer than 12 hours, and when you add in the requirements of operating the radio, the one I linked to is the best I’ve seen.

There are a few nightlight size chandelier smart bulbs now, but it’s the same issue. It’s the power they draw for the light that gets you.

A battery-powered sensor is typically designed as a “sleepy” device: sleep for a few milliseconds, wake up for a millisecond and check the environment, then either go back to sleep or send a report and then go back to sleep. This usage pattern is what allows them to have a battery life of one to two years. But a light is continuous draw, no sleep pattern or it would flicker.

I would change your search as follows. Forget the smart part for now. Find a dumb Bulb that can meet your Power requirements. I’ll be surprised if you do until you get the size of the ones that I linked to (which has a pretty large battery to bulb ratio), but see what you can find.

Now there are two options.

  1. Add a smart inline power control. Once you have a dumb device that meets your specs, look at adding a smart relay to it just to turn the power on and off. The relay itself can have a very light power requirement, it’s really the bulb that drains the battery.


  1. consider adding a “robot finger“ if the lamp has a remote or on the switch itself. These are often useful in adding smarts to an existing dumb device. Here’s a review of the one that works with smartthings:

These can smarten up a lot of dumb devices when all you need is that last button push. :sunglasses:


I think the in-line option would work better for you, but I just wanted to show you how you can think about the project differently. First solve the power consumption issue. Then add the radio component to smarten it. Because your issue isn’t a “smart bulb“, it’s having a bulb at all. It’s the need for the continuous light that is sucking up the power. Solve that, and adding a smart on/off switch will be pretty easy. :sunglasses::bulb:

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