USAA MEMBERS 4 FREE Lyric water/freeze detectors

If you are a USAA member you can 4 of these free, not even shipping cost, took about 4 days to get mine !!


Thank you much!! Signed up and anxiously awaiting them!

Thanks! Signed up as well!

Great deal! Thanks!

ST compatible?

I’ve seen some topics on these sensors but have not seen a direct integration. However, they do have an IFTTT channel but I’m not sure what the capabilities are.

I’ve signed up for a set. Though it is not clear to me if you need to have your homeowners insurance through USAA or just be a member.

USAA is offering the USAA & Honeywell Pilot Program to
qualified members on a voluntary basis and at no cost to
eligible members with a USAA homeowners policy.

Fingers crossed I can get enrolled … considering I’m in the midst of large water damage claim with USAA with my home (could have used these and adverted disaster).

I dont think its biult in yet but hopefully soon ??? i treid to add like thermo it didn’t let me, for now the app they have will work for me

I got my four in the mail today… nice product… Thanks for posting this!

Did you receive a confirmation email? I filled out the form, and received an email saying my form was submitted.

i got one that said i was appoved

Still haven’t received an email, but am a USAA homeowners insurance customer

I got a confirmation email when I signed up. Then I got an email saying it was confirmed and approved. Three days later I got them in the mail.

I go through the process again, or call them. These things are really nice and worth the extra effort

Just signed up, and my homeowners is already through USAA, looking forward to getting these!

Did you get a response email after registering? Some people haven’t.

I’ve gotten the automatic signup confirmation. But I’m not figuring on getting any shipment/order confirmation within a couple hours on a Sunday.

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wow my kid put the string in his mouth and set it off, damn these are loud !!!


Rcvd. mine in the mail today. Wonder if a custom DTH will be needed to integrate w/Smartthings

I’m hoping to get the time to work on an app for them… I’ve got 8


I’ll certainly try it if you build it !