US Smartthings Shield with UK hub v2

Hi all,

I brought few months ago an UK hub v2 with sensors to play with and it worked fine. But I’ve recently moved in US for few weeks and I brought an arduino shield. Unfortunately, I did not succeed to establish a communication between my UK hub and the shield but I’m able to connect the shield to the hub through the Ipad app…

My questions : Do I need to have an US hub to communicate with a US shield ? If I succeed to send messages from my UK hub to the shield (and vice-versa), will it work back in UK ?

Thanks you

As far as i know, the shieldthing uses ZWAVE mainly. The Frequency of ZWAVE US and ZWAVE EU is different, so this will not connect directly.

The Zigbee frequency is the same though, so if you connect using zigbee instead of ZWAVE it should work :slight_smile:

The ThingShield uses Zigbee. The Zigbee frequencies are the same so it’ll work.

Ok thank you, but how do you proceed to use Zigbee or Z-wave? I didn’t find a lot of infos about the thingShield or when I find a topic, most of the links are outdated :confused: