Url scheme


I’m currently work on to pop-up another app through smartThings. I have a url scheme but it doesn’t work on the href methods and stuff. Is there anyone knows how to do this? pop-up another app using url scheme?

addtion1) Also I tried to bypass through web but still did not work


Not sure I follow what you mean here. Do you want to open another mobile app (Android/iOS) from within the SmartThings mobile app?

What do you mean by “bypass through web”?

yes, I wanna do that.

I just wanted tell you that I tried various methods.

So, as I said I have a url scheme for another app, and I tried this way first

dynamicPage( name: "urlSchemer") { section { href url: somehtingUrlScheme://intro/something}}

but I couldn’t open another app. So, I just made another url but this time it goes to my server through web (url will take url scheme as it’s parameter) then my server opens another app using that url scheme. However, this didn’t work… I personally tested through mobile chrome and other internet stuff and it worked without any problme… but in ST it doesn’t work.

Here is the code I used .

dynamicPage( name: "urlSchemer") { section { href url: https://myserverdomain.com/dourlscheme?url=somehtingUrlScheme://intro/something}}