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“Notify me when” app no longer supported in ST app. Solution is to delete that app and then use routines within the app itself to create notifications.
I hope someone can help.
I have just noticed my “notify me when” slider is set to off. I had thought smartthings had been very quiet the last few weeks…

I tried to turn it back on but I get “network connection error”.

I did a search and tried logging out and logging in. This did not work. I then tried removing the app and re-install and again this has not worked.

Can anyone help? I currently have no notifications!!

Thank you!!

Ok so it seems to be an issue with “notify me when”.

I have removed that. Then gone in and manually set up notification for a sensor and thats working.

Welp, guess thats the next couple of hours gone creating all my notifications again… must say this is the first major issue I have had with ST but not a good one, reading around online seems to be a regular issue but no one seems to have solved it.

I wonder if because ST are trying to force people to stop using apps like notify me when?

Sort of, in the sense that they’ve spent about five years introducing their ‘new’ platform and preparing to switch off their legacy one. ‘Notify Me When’ is one of the more well known Groovy Smart Apps that they started turning off completely at the beginning of the year, and most reports from users of the apps stopping working date from about the second week of January.

I’ve never used it myself but I understand it can be easily and effectively replaced using the app Routines, even if it is a bit tedious. There are other ways of replacing it, but the point is that the most basic automation tool they provide can do it.

See the community FAQ:

Why Did My Integration/SmartApp Stop Working in January 2023?

ST isn’t trying to force you to stop using Notify Me When. Rather, they have transitioned to a new architecture which no longer supports it. So it just won’t work.

The good news, as @orangebucket mentioned, is that in the new architecture basic routines have better notification capabilities than they used to, and may be all you need. But again, read the FAQ and it should answer most questions.

Thanks guys. Going on a long vacation so wanted to get it running properly before I go. I have just set up a few routines and they are working so I will just have to do it like that.

Regarding January, its quite possible it wasnt working tbh. I did notice a few weeks ago that things had got a lot quieter with notifications. I was overseas in Jan & Feb so I just put it down to that… obviously not!!

I also noticed just now that the “its too cold” app also now wont work so I assume the same issue.

This was very handy to watch out for things like the heating fail whilst I am away from home. Anyway, I guess there will be a work around using routines.

Thanks again for your help guys.

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