UPnP DimmableLight Device

I went ahead and bought one of these StriimLight Wifi Color ( http://www.amazon.com/Awox-SLC-W13-Striimlight-Wifi-Color/dp/B00NP367YC ). If you’re looking for something like this, I highly recommend it, based on my experience so far. The sound quality is WAY better than I expected; it actually sounds really good. The only thing to note is that it is pretty big and may not fit in some lights. It work’s great with @ule’s DLNA device type for music, but I need to also control the light.

I’ve discovered that it is using the “DimmableLight” UPnP device type ( http://upnp.org/specs/ha/UPnP-ha-DimmableLight-v1-Device.pdf ), along with a couple of extra, custom services. Before I try to learn UPnP, I figured I’d check if anyone has created a DimmableLight device type yet? If not, any tips for getting started with UPnP/SOAP?


Cool light. Really looking for any updates.

The Generic Media Renderer should be a great starting point for doing upnp discovery and soap calls.

and of course the documentation itself:


Should be “easy” :smile:

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So I’ve made some good progress on this. I can turn the light on and off and retrieve its state now. Can anyone help me figure out how to retrieve information about the custom commands that it supports? I can look up the documentation for DimmableLight: Dimming and SwitchPower, but is there some way that I can retrieve information from the device about their custom services?

I figured it out. I’ll post the code to GitHub once its cleaned up!

Ok, I’ve got something that seems to work pretty well so far. I decided to make this “thing” just control the light, then use the Generic DLNA Player to control the music separately.

StriimLight Connect (service manager)
StriimLight device type

These look neat for unobtrusive speakers for notifications. Would these work for notifications? How do I make these always on?

Yeah, they’re pretty cool, and the sound is very good (much better than I expected)! They work for notifications (use the Sonos Notify with Sound app), but I just tried it and it seems that it may need a minor tweak in either the device type or in the SmartApp, because currently it just repeats the alert over and over again. After changing the “Delay between actions” option, it works.

Just make sure you take note of its large size and ensure it will fit in the light fixture that you plan on using. It is pretty big. Here’s a picture with an iPhone 5 for comparison:

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Do I use this or the “Generic Media Renderer”?

Use the generic media renderer to connect to them, but then use the Adonis SmartApp to setup the notification.

Sonos SmartApp?
Sorry, very new, hub in the box, still remodeling my house, never used DLNA before type questions. :slight_smile:

Oops. Yes, Sonos SmartApp. Auto-correct strikes again :smile:

Thanks. After you said that I thought there was ANOTHER thread I needed to scour through. :slight_smile:

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Do you have multiple bulbs hooked up for alerts? What about multiple speakers (one bulb and other speakers)? Do they play alerts and music at the same time?

This might be a better question in the other threads but I’m focused on the bulbs so much right now. :smile:

I have 2 of these bulbs now, but I haven’t tried playing alerts on them both at once, or on one and another speaker. I’ll give it a try this weekend and let you know. It looks like its possible in the app from Awox to set them up in zones, so I would assume that they synchronize their audio if they are in the same zone.

Were you ever able to give this a try?

I haven’t spent a ton of time on it, but so far, I haven’t been able to control them when they are setup in a zone, only when they are individual.

How long is the delay on these notifications? I am getting notifications between 5-5.5 seconds which just won’t work.