Upgrading to Smartthings Cam Premium Plan

Hello I recently bought a Smartthings Cam, I also have the Hub and a couple other sensors. I installed the Cam and everything works fine, but I would like to get more than 10 second clips, as I have read you get subscribe to the Premium Plan and get 60s clips. I looked everywhere and can’t find the option to upgrade.
If I go into the Smartthings app, select the camera, press the three dots menu at the top right and press “My info” all I see is the free Basic Plan which comes default, and no options to upgrade or select another plan.
What am I doing wrong?


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If you do not see the premiums listed, you may want to contact ST support directly.

Yea I followed all these steps, but on the “My info” page it only shows the current plan which is basic, nothing is clickable on that page except the “terms and conditions” of the Basic plan.

Contact ST support. You can use the app under menu > contact us. Or email support@smartthings.com :slight_smile:

Are you still in you 30 day trial period? If so, it will show up after your trial period ends. During the trial you should be able to select either 10 seconds or 60 seconds.

I was never offered a 30 day trial, and I can’t select more than 10 second clips. Also in the “My info” tab it says I’m on Basic plan. Could this be a region thing? This is in Canada.

How long do they usually take to reply? sent question from the app 2 days ago still no reply

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Do you have a support ticket # I can reference?

Hey there @ferret, just to confirm you went to the video plan subscription page located here ( https://videoplan.smartthings.com/subscriptions.) and after entering your credentials on the “my info” page and you don’t see any option to actually subscribe just what the options offer?

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Yes this is correct. All that is shown are name/email and the Basic plan. There is no option to “enter my credentials” on the “my info” page, nothing is clickable. Thanks

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I contacted support and it turns out it’s not just supported in Canada. It’s kind of a bummer since 10s clips are just not long enough to record intrusions, and there seems to be a ~30s cooldown after a clip was recorded for the next one to start, so it’s 10s on, 30s off, basically missing three quarters of the action.

They should just unable 60s clips by default for regions where they can’t take payments yet until they roll it out.

I tried making a new Samsung account to see if I could select USA as region perhaps but it selects it automatically for you. Is there any way to do it maybe using a VPN? Really hope I can find a way to get the Premium subscription.

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This is very dissapointing since there isn´t a disclaimer conditioning service availability.

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I bought the Aeotec 360 cam and have the same problem. In Spain there is no way to upgrade the plan.
@blake.arnold: is there any chance to change the plan?