Upgrade path for Hub v2


Was all ready to jump in and order a kit to get started - but now I see v2 of the Hub is due 4/15. Is there a trade-up (or other upgrade path) for folks who buy the old hub now…or should I just wait till April?


(ActionTiles.com co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #2

Where did you find that date? I had not heard of a specific date yet, just “Q2”…

Just my personal unofficial thought: Dates in the industry do tend to slip a bit, and even if ready for delivery on that date, high demand might delay your order.

So you are missing an opportunity to get your feet wet, test out various devices, learn how everything fits together, and get some real benefits from the existing V1 hub if you wait.

Lots of us are hoping for some upgrade discounts, especially Kickstarter backers (even though we’ve had the system the longest and probably “got our money’s worth” from the V1 hub, of course).

…CP / Terry.

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The last developer discussion showed that they do not have a full upgrade path planned out. I wouldn’t worry about it months in advance, and just wait to get an announcement. If your interested in more, definitely go watch the latest Developers Discussions, last week covered the hub (2.0) quite a bit. You will also learn that they have many “unknowns” still, and will be quite busy over the next 60-90 days!.



Here’s the announcement (at CES): http://www.cnet.com/news/smartthings-updates-its-sensors-hub-ces-2015/

Thanks for the thoughts and advice!




Thanks! Headed to the Developer Discussion now… :smile:


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A subsequent SmartThings blog indicated “Summer” release:

@Ben has indicated that it will probably be released before this but I’m not aware of an official clarification, not that we need one.

I think most feel it is better to get v1 and not wait for v2.

(Joseph Wilbur) #7

What’s the current thought on this now that we’re two days away from April? I’m a potential customer ready to buy a hub and a few sensors right now if it has the local processing I’ve heard talked about in V2.

Are they still targeting an April release? I haven’t seen anything official after two and a half hours of research and I’d really like to know if I should wait for ST or try to find another product that meets my needs.

(Bryon Freeman) #8

After much debate, I decided to take the plunge and bought v.1. Although 2 has a lot of features that I would not mind having, 1 has most of the bugs worked out. I’d rather have a more or less bug free version.

I’m looking forward to everything arriving (Hub + 20 things).


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have you spent much time on these boards? unless you mean that v1 hub has less bugs and that the issues being experienced are solely on the cloud infrastructure side… got it :wink: