Updating capabilities dynamically?

For a project I am currently trying to create a “bridge” between the SmartThings ecosystem and a proprietary smart home ecosystem. My current idea of how to bridge the two is to have a hub device that dynamically adds capabilities to itself on SmartThings based on what is connected to it from the proprietary side. Is this even possible? If not, how would I approach such an issue? Apologies if my question is in the wrong category.

Thank you

Hello @Daniel_Abdi, capabilities are added to devices through profiles. So, I don’t think that dynamic capabilities may be possible. But, you can check device profile documentation here for more information.

In this case, would creating a bridge device through matter be a possible solution? My Matter bridge would connect to my third-party peripherals, and would bridge those into SmartThings. Is this possible?

Thank you

Hello @Daniel_Abdi, it works in the same way. You should add capabilities through profiles in fingerprints. You can check the documentation here.