Updates to the SmartThings Platform

Chewy I believe


Try this new edge driver to post API calls


Wait, like Chewy the online pet store? That seems an odd transition, but bummer to see him go either way.

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Chewy is a very technology forward company - a lot of people point at how they do some of thier processes as good examples. They are also very much into building a mobile first storefront (first class handheld app experience). They’re pretty heavily invested in AWS/Google cloud and then Airship to help build the client side. Im not suprised in the least. Good for him.

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Now if Chewy could only improve their deliveries. I used them twice… one package was left on porch steps while it was raining; second package was left on my driveway… three feet from the curb. Very poor delivery service.

You mean UPS? Well yeah, thats what Brown can do for you… :sunglasses:

not UPS… not really sure who handled the delivery. not ups or fedex.

FedEx here and usually next day but I think I have a Chewy distro center pretty close.

Overall I’m very impressed with the company.

Our delivery experiences with Chewy have been acceptable, nothing particularly noticeable either way.

Sharptools rocks my friend !!


If you’re good at writing code, you can work anywhere.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: