Updates to the SmartThings Platform

Try uninstalling/reinstalling the app


What happens with a lot of companies is they test in a lab with limited individual entities. then when the new code is released into the live environment aka public and is vastly used then all hell breaks lose.

When I press and hold the app, hit the little minus thingy after it is shaking, the next screen that pops up says “Remove “SmartThings”? Removing from Home Screen will keep the app in your App Library.” and then the only option is to Remove from Home Screen or Cancel. How do you actually remove the app?

Is that android? If yes, someone else will need to assist. I use iOS which just says deleting the app will also delete all data.

It’s an iPhone. Argh. I’ve been checking online and cant figure out why deleting the app isn’t an option. Weird.

Sounds like you have parental controls turned on. This is a setting that allows parents to make sure kids don’t delete apps.

If they are on, you have to give permission to allow apps to be deleted.

So look under settings, screen time, content and privacy and see if you have the controls turned on.

If you do, look at the “delete app“ for itunes settings. That’s probably the problem.


Just rebooted the phone, so I will check that next!

Do you have screen time enabled?

Oops… looks like @JDRoberts beat me to it :grin:

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You were correct! Yes, I needed to remove that restriction! Thanks a ton - you operate better than Duck Duck Go for answers, LOL!


I’ll I have to add that to the candidates for my tombstone:

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This - but primarily because the early iterations of the platform had few guardrails and are being using in complex and very unique use cases. Whenever software is used in customized, unintended ways, there is always the potential for problems when changes are rolled out to the underlying platform.

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@blake.arnold Some of the issues with iOS app are very basic. Plugins not loading, automation list intermittently disappearing, etc. A private or public beta program would really help reduce bugs making it to the public release for both simple and complex user environments.


Hitting the like button like a madman just don’t work how I want it too

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Nearly a year later, do yall have any solution for this yet? Forcing all devices to show is breaking automations and confusing google assistant


@blake.arnold is there any progress with this or are yall no longer planning to fix this? there seems to be no recent activity from smartthings staff on this matter

currently this breaks automations in so many ways; google does not allow changing device type (for example, wemo wall switch can not be changed to a fan when it controls ceiling fan going through smartthings) this forces me to use both wemo and smartthings for google because only the wemo integration directly to google allows me to change device types… another example is that any zwave devices that require a hub cannot be controled by logitech harmony remote unless smartthings integration is used, but combined with google this results in more duplicate devices and broken automations.

Literally the simplest solution is to give us back the ability to choose which devices are synced with google or alexa.No, creating a “duplicate home” to move all duplicate devices is not an acceptable solution either and frankly its bewildering that samsung would approve of such a bandaid like response

Why are you/samsung not addressing this?


IMO, if it hasn’t been fixed already it likely won’t be. Samsung just doesn’t care about this issue. I’ve given up on this fix just like I’ve given up on them adding a way to adjust volume for audible notifications through Sonos.

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As much as I hate to agree, I’m beginning to think smartthings hub is going to end up like harmony remotes… Every day brings me closer to hubitat or home assistant


Big surprise you’re still ignoring this… That was sarcasm in case it wasn’t inherently obvious

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