Updates to the SmartThings Platform

new app seems remove member managing page, so I can no longer see member list and remove members. also adding member by email accepting link not functional.

They buried it… Click on the house icon in the top left, in the location dropdown select. Manage Locations. Then pick the location. Then THERE is the manage members page.


No updated app for me yet, really seems to be a slow rollout.

Located in Texas, Samsung Tab S5e and Pixel 4a-5g both running Android 11. Just now checked the store for pending updates.

I just downloaded the apk from Sam mobile this morning. I got tired of waiting & I’m in NY.

It takes up to a week for full rollout - If you want it and don’t want to wait - it’s up on APKmirror now. Download it from there - At least there you can validate the code signing signature and MD5 hash before installing it.

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I just grabbed it from sam mobile.

Btw as i cannot get the hash from samsung or the play store, i will still be relying on the download sourse’s one. If they tampered it and then got the hash, it still doesn’t say much. I used to work for a pen testing company and made a few of these myself … it is probably fine though…

it has a valid Samsung code signing cert and APK validates he hash is the one from the play store - m ok with APK Mirror in general when I HAVE to…

Yeah i know what you mean. I used to use apk mirror a lot until i worked in pen testing

heh I feel you - I’m ok with a valid code signing cert actually - unless Samsung’s Root CA is compromised that’s REALLY hard to fake :slight_smile: Im not saying it can’t happen - buuuut as far as likely things - that’s not one of them.

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Well s**t i bit the bullet! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What was wrong with rooms on the home page ? Now I just have a long list of devices all lumped into a meaningless scroll of devices I access the most, I’m sure there are good points but honestly, I’m struggling to find them

Why can’t we delete personal devices page or move it ? I don’t use them and never need access to them !

Previous version 5 out of 10
This version 4 out of 10


well snit!

I just wish they were alphabetical tbh. That would make more sense. Otherwise, I quite like the new UI, and Def prefer it to the old ‘new’ app. But neither match up to the Classic yet and the usability/functionality.

I just wish Samsung would address some of the glaring omissions, such as being able to quickly see what automations a device is associated with etc…


I like the new UI a lot. Good job SmartThings/Samsung teams! :clap:

I got it Friday night around 8pm EST from the google play store. The wait (2 days) was excruciating but I refrained from side loading the APK. :grin:


So im guessing no news on us the users being able to select which devices google assistant can access? basically made my entire smart home useless as i had to disconnect smartthings from google assistant as i did not want it to control and see everything i have.
Samsung / Smartthings, IT WOULD BE great if you guys gave us a straight answer , YES you will have it by xyz date or NO and we move on to another platform that allows us to choose.


I believe they need to mingrate the the new dth language for this to be applied.

I just opened Samsung Galaxy Play store and a new SmartThings Framework app is being offered. The description didn’t say anything about what the update was for, so I’m guessing it’s just stability update or something.

I saw it this morning and updated it like I have done in the past many times when I see it in the Galaxy Store Update screen. Never had an issue doing this and not sure if I should be more careful.

Not sure but it have added precondition in weather