Updates to the SmartThings Platform

Preconditions in all of my automations used to work until yesterday. It isn’t working anymore. Anyone having same issues?

You can breathe. :sunglasses: I don’t want to go into all the details, but as I have mentioned before, I don’t have anything that’s mission critical left on SmartThings.


That’s good to know - I wouldn’t even have my fish tank monitored by ST, and that’s coming from someone who has, for years, boasted to others about what a wonderful system he had… The best part being that off-the-shelf was pointless. But customised was amazing! Now? Pretty much want to forget about it like a bad relationship.

After jumping ship, for the first time (ever), the wife is commenting on just how great things are now. For those of us who value the WAF/SAF, take a moment to digest that. She’s never liked it. Because there’s always been some annoying niggle or failure.

I still don’t understand why a user who helps (and I do mean that - I love reading your contributions) to maintain an enthusiasts forum can portray such positivity. It feels a little like someone moderating a “Nissan micra” fan forum, whilst simultaneously admitting that his own micra has always been a POS so he relies on a Ford fiesta for his daily journeys, but “the micra is still very, very good!”.

But this has now pole-vaulted way off topic =p

I’m just keeping an eye out over here out of interest whilst I slowly decommission my v2. =)


I think you’ll find that for the last two years over 90% of my contributions have been about devices and Network protocols, not ST-specific.

So to use your analogy, it’s more like being on a Nissan Forum and talking about tires and spark plugs. And oil, definitely lots of threads about oil. (Plus a FAQ on why “SN” doesn’t stand for “Synthetic.”) :wink: :red_car:


Haha, amazing reply! =) never let it be said you’re anything but helpful. =)

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I agree with 100% of what you said, buy why would you have medical monitoring equipment under the control of ST, or any other consumer-grade automation platform for that matter?

I’d think I would have that type of device on a dedicated circuit, with battery backup. If you want to monitor its status, aren’t there passive current monitors available that could provide that information, without compromising the integrity of the circuit?

I don’t trust that ST is going to turn on a light reliably 100% of the time, and it doesn’t. And whatever trust I had in ST has pretty much gone out the window with this current fiasco. I wouldn’t trust it with anything of any real importance. That’s why most of my automation is controlled by the zwave module in my alarm system and alarm.com, which has been rock solid for close to a decade.

He discussed it earlier in one of the threads. He has medical equipment that sometimes has to be power-cycled, and he doesn’t otherwise have the ability to physically do it himself.

He has been around on these forums a long time, and is one of the most knowledgeable people you’ll ever find when it comes to home automation, be it SmartThings or otherwise.

He knows very well what the risks are, and he has chosen the setup that works best for him given his circumstances.


I noticed the other day when I put the word “test” in front of a device name, Alexa didn’t like it and the device didn’t show up there from the skill. I’ve heard of others using special characters in the name of a device to throw her off too.

Not an ideal solution to keeping her hands off devices, and no idea if it works in Google, but it could work for things you don’t want her to find other then disabling the device in the Alexa app.

As @jamesdvb mentioned, I have described my setup in other threads before and it is exactly as he says. The monitoring system itself is on a battery backup And there is an alarm that starts beeping when it is loses power As well as a cellular alert system that notifies the monitoring company that the power is out. And my housemate. And one of my neighbors. :rotating_light::open_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::astonished:

The smart plug is just so I can power cycle it without needing someone else to do so, and if I’m going to do that intentionally, I can also suspend the alerts for five minutes. :sunglasses:

However… I also have a number of healthcare aides who come to the house, even these days, and the odds of somebody saying the wrong thing to echo are pretty high. So I one hundred percent do not want that switch exposed to Alexa. Ever.

If it gets turned off by accident it’s because someone else is in the house so I’m not by myself, there is going to be an audible alert, and if nobody replies when the monitoring company calls, first responders will be sent.

I’m confident that we could handle the situation, but again, I am 100% sure that I don’t want to have to! :rage:

And I’m particularly concerned, as I mentioned previously, that this change was made without notifying people that it was happening.

It was another community member who posted the comment about the oxygen tank, and I don’t know what their exact details are.

But even if it’s just unexpectedly turning off the light at the top of the stairs in another person’s house (Family member on the same account) as someone is walking down them, That’s a danger that did not previously exist.

I’m particularly annoyed that the marketing communication that went out said that the new skill “handles multiple locations.“ It doesn’t in the way that any normal human would expect it to. It exposes all devices from all locations as a single account list to Amazon. That, to me, is not “handling multiple locations.“

But I know @blake.arnold is very concerned about the quality of service delivered by the system, and I do take his word that this issue is being worked on.


Is ST working at full staff during this critical switchover? Someone told me to look up SmartThings employee comments on Glassdoor and I did and what I saw there especially including 2 comments from last month, makes me very concerned.


Samsung seems to be constantly changing their mind about which direction they want smartthings to go in, resulting in cancelled products and sudden transitions. Wait for the dust to settle.

What is the direction they are going in now?

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Who knows? Seems like they’re moving away from hardware and prefer to partner with third parties

@blake.arnold Any updates on restoring the ability to select which devices are available to voice assistants?


On a related note, can somebody explain the difference between occupied and presence events. why they would be different for the same phone, and if this makes any difference to my automations?


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Thanks @prjct92eh2, I only use Google and don’t follow the Alexa thread so I missed that update.

This really stinks. SmartThings had months to understand what the users need, now they are saying that they are developing it. There wasn’t any beta for the current integrations. If there was, I would call the past few months a beta, which has failed on fulfilling user requirements and satisfaction.
Of course being ghosted by ST engineers, when you asked a question about it, is normal. Like nobody cares about what really the users need. - Continuity of non-disturbed, unchanged, working services! (Not a fancy multiple times redesigned UI, where animated icons are the most important feature…)


Yeah, hardly a surprise. Seems that the core team were amazing, and management / samsung just kept screwing it up.

Completely reasonable analysis.