Updates to the SmartThings Platform

So does SHTM function like SHM?

I REALLY prefer to use the Rboy app for this. I don’t believe he has this ready for the new version yet as they are having issues with capabilities.

Maybe they should set deadlines AFTER they test everything and make sure it’s working.


What a f#*king s#itshow.

Not only can I not add the new Alexa integration, but the existing integration, which has been working beautifully for years I might add, now all of a sudden tells me it can’t find a device light one second and executes the command on the second (or fifth) try.

Thanks Samsung. I should have learned, after buying new TVs, Fridges, Phones etc that Always go obsolete within 25 months. If there isn’t a good reason to upgrade the TV you remove some integration (Skype?) on older existing models… Fu#k.


STHM (SmartThings Home Monitor) is similar to SHM (smart home monitor) but with some significant differences.

  1. STHM has built-in delays, which is nice.

  2. You cannot change the STHM mode from anything except a custom automation, which can be frustrating. Or of course manually toggling in the app. So people end up using sets of virtual switches to get control from things like actiontiles or Webcore. Or if they aren’t using custom location.modes they can have the security.mode follow the location mode each time if they happen to map one to one for them.

  3. Some community members have said that all of STHM runs in the cloud, where some SHM automations could run locally. but I haven’t seen that officially confirmed anywhere yet.

  4. In SHM, you could set up a custom notification to let you know when a sensor had been Left open for a specific period of time. I had one that let me know if a closet door had been left open for two minutes because we keep toxic cleaning supplies in there. There is no similar feature in the new app, which can be very frustrating. :rage: The alternative is to either use webcore or sharptools, but many people don’t know that.

  5. Setting up automations based on presence is somewhat different and can be confusing, especially if there are multiple people in the household. I haven’t quite figured this out myself yet, so I don’t know if there’s any missing functionality, or if it’s just a different process.

  6. In the classic app, you could create a routine and say to not run it in specific location mode. There’s nothing similar in the new app. You can have one location mode and only one location mode as the filter on an automation. Of course you can accomplish the same result with webcore or sharptools, but not everyone will know that. You can also do it with smartlighting, but smartlighting is not available in all regions.



I actually have an app based presence that toggles “away” only when all members are absent. It toggles present when any member returns. It’s nice in the classic app because if the phones actually glitch, I can toggle it manually and when the phones catch up it doesn’t matter. However, in the new app, the toggle function doesn’t work on the simulated presence.

I use the SHM notifications now. So, I expect to be disappointed. I think I can use webcore for the notifications, I just have to set it up.

As to the modes in SHTM, do they change at specific times? I have several different modes currently aside from the standard home/away. I also have a vacation mode and a yard work mode (the last so that I can leave doors unlocked without the aforementioned notifications while doing yard work) Currently, the yardwork mode is triggered by a virtual switch that I can toggle from Google assistant.

They are just like the SHM modes in classic: they don’t change at all unless you either use the app manually or write an automation to change them. If you want it to change every day at a specific time you can create an automation to do that. :sunglasses:

Just for clarification, the SmartApps (Lock User Managgement (LUM), Rental Lock Automater (RLA) etc) have already been updated and are working on the new app (no migration or anything else required, just log into the new ST app, open the app from the SmartApps tabs and you’re good to go).

I think you’re referring to the enhanced z-wave lock device handler. The core functionality, again, is solid (since it runs in the cloud and not the app) and there is nothing for you to do (no migration required, it’ll work just fine).
What you don’t see in the new app yet is support for custom UI controls for device handlers (DTH). This doesn’t affect the SmartApps or core DTH functionality, but you won’t see any of the advanced UI controls like auto lock, privacy, audio, alarms, keypad controls etc. ST staff are saying that custom controls be ready in the next few weeks and, so yes, we’re hoping that we’ll have enough time/support to make custom controls happen before the sunset date.


So, you can have multiple and conditions (including “nots”) to prevent it from kicking in if another mode is active (I don’t want good morning to run when I am in vacation mode)

There are still two different types of modes, just like there were in the classic app.

Security.modes are limited to three: home, armed away, and armed stay. You can’t add any more of these. These are what are used with STHM.

Location.modes are used as filters on automations. Initially there are three: home, away, and night, but you can add more if you want.

Your post sounds like you were talking about location modes, not security modes.

That is correct. I would never rely on ST for anything that is ACTUALLY security related. I only used the modes to filter what notifications I was getting or what routines can run (IE vacation mode liighting)

Ok, location.modes are very similar to the Classic app except for some reason they don’t have the ability to exclude modes.

In classic, you can set up a routine like this:

But in a new app you don’t have that option,

However you can pick multiple positive modes for each automation.

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I have the same issue with my inovelli switches :frowning:

readymaderc is one of my favorite vendors btw

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And THAT was specifically what I was asking about. So, it’s not really similar at all then. Because I cannot use the conditions I currently have until I figure out a workaround.

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You can choose the opposite: do an action only in certain modes.


Thanks! :sunglasses:

Yes but it doesn’t work in my case where I have 8 mldes I want it to work in and 1 I don’t

There needs to be an IF NOT this mode or on these (multiple modes) or both.

Already have the feature request in.


Looks like multi-select is available for Location Modes – which you’ll have to remember to come back to if you add a new mode that you want included (vs. if you just excluded the 1 you didn’t want)


I can choose more than one location in the “IF” part. I could pick all of them except one and it’s the same as excluding that one location.

PS. How can we add/delete locations? Is IDE the only way? How will we do it after the IDE goes away?


I have to say, I’m going to try and hold on as long as possible, but this is making me really nervous. The way this seem like they are being handled on the back-end.

I bought a RPi and will install HASSIO. I’m going to create a bunch of virtual devices and play around until September 8th… Fingers crossed!!


It’s not working for me, but I’m not sure whether it’s a voiceover bug or whether I’m just doing it wrong.

Thanks for checking! :sunglasses:


It would also be really helpful if there was some documentation on region lockouts. I know just from seeing questions answered in the forum that smart lighting is not available in all regions and smart locks is not available in all regions. I’m not sure about smartthings home monitor.

Anyway, the point is since the classic app does not have these kinds of region restrictions, there will be some community members who are affected.