Updates to SmartThings Community

@JDRoberts, I haven’t questioned that. But if you scroll along the 80 posts you can see, that nobody from ST has chimed in to give an explanation.
And it is not only this topic, but the Get ready to make the switch! as well. The only feedback what you can see recently if somebody has any integration/hub issue. Everyone went silent recently.
It might be the pandemic and the remote work situation as people are not seeing each other in the office and have no time to talk about other things, but development targets on official Skype meetings.
The two dedicated partners’ correspondence level is quite low as well. I have been waiting for an answers for a week at least in another topic.
I know it is tough time for everyone, but honestly, that is insane, how someone from ST is playing around with the community forum and forcing non-tested, non-working skins on the Discourse engine. And I cannot believe that none of the managers are intervening and saying, look install a Discourse engine on a Raspberry Pi and set up things on that first, showcase what you have done and we will make a decision is it good or not.

Just look at this sentence:

Exactly something what a marketing or sales person would put out the window without knowing anything…

And at the end this:

What connection it has with the the rest of the topic? And I am not a native English speaker, but is this sentence grammatically correct at all? - And it raises more question, how an announcement can be published without proofreading?