[Updated] Presence Central

It’s funny you should say that… I found a need for that myself today.
(Although it was in Message Central rather than Presence Central but if it works for one then it should be easy to add to the other)
I intend to look at this tomorrow to see if this is feasible without a too much work
I’ll let you know how I get on

Ok… new version uploaded to GitHub

This now gives you the option to restrict by sunset/sunrise (with offset)
The sunrise/sunset was easy enough but getting the offset to work correctly took me a while this morning.
Anyway… try it out and see if it works for you.

You only need to update the child app

Once updated, if you have any children already configured you will need to open then save them to update

Thank you very much for this modification…makes this SmartApp a perfect fit for my purpose.

Much appreciate your rapid consideration of this request!

Cheers, Jim

You are welcome! :slight_smile:

I have just updated this app as there was a typo in the code which means it will ONLY work when sunset/sunrise is enabled.
Fixed now but you need to update if you have installed since yesterday.

New version (V1.2.5) on GitHub

Hi @Cobra thank you for your job, I tested with ST Arrival Sensor and Life360 to tun on Front Light works well.

On “Select Presense Sensor” can I added more thing, like “Motion Sensor” and “Garage Open”?

This was really only created to react to presence sensors.
If you need lights turned on by motion or by a contact opening then the smartthings ‘smart lighting’ will do that for you

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Hi I understand your explanation but want only tun on the light or unlock the door when I have this condition “ST Arrival Sensor”&“Life360”&“Motion Sensor” if is possible.

So apart from the presence you need a further restriction for the switch to only turn on if a motion is active as well?

What about turning off?

New version (1.4.0) uploaded to GitHub
Details in post #1

Hi! Lovely project, thank you very much.
May I suggest you an improvement?
I would like detecting when I’m alone at home, for activating a specific mode, I’ve tried to modify your code, but maybe I’m not able!
Thank you very much!

Would you please explain what you mean?
Do you want to change mode when everyone leaves except you?


When “home alone” then
Set Front.DoorKnob = “burning hot”
Set Back.Stairs = “icy”
Set pet.Tarantula = “free”
Call Sonos.playmsg = “keep the change you filthy animal.”

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yes, exactly! I would like triggering a mode when I’m alone at home!

You can not use a repo name smartthings it will he impossible to install if someone else uses that same repo name. Which is the problem i had.

Hi everyone
I have multiple separate presence sensors for each of my family members.
I have iPhone STT Classic app, webcore app, Life360, IFTTT entry/exit switch, fing wifi present/leave.
Currently I am using webCore to ‘merge’ these multiple inputs into a single more reliable virtual presence sensor; if 2 or more become Present then turn on the virtual presence sensor or if 2 or more become Not Present then turn off the virtual presence sensor.

I know Andy did a great job with Presence Central but I am looking for more of a many-to-1 smartapp

Does anyone know if such exists?