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[UPDATED] Osram Lightify RGBW A19/BR30 US version (HA) DTH


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I would like to use your handler for my Lightify RGBW BR30 bulbs. I would ideally like to receive updates and from what I can tell it would be helpful to use GitHub integration to achieve that. I’ve tried reading about how to do that but the articles I have come across are old enough that the user interface has changed enough to make it hard to follow for me. I have not used GitHub but I am familiar with some aspects of source code version control. Are there some basics I should know about how GitHub and SmartThings work together?

I added the repo and it looks like this:image

When I try to “Update from Repo” none of the 3 columns show anything.

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I just wanted everyone to know. If you buy any of the new version of these bulbs re-branded as the Smart+ they don’t function correctly with this device handler anymore. I’m not sure what changed between the two bulbs as the model numbers are exactly but brightness levels are random and some of the other functions don’t report properly.


Hi Ranga,

I tried your device handlers, but the default color is not being set. I have checked, there is no update available. Can you please help? may be I am doing something wrong. Would really love to set default color+brightness for my lightify bulbs.


I’ve just bought the (UK) Smart+ outdoor light strip here:

I’m just a little concerned as it was an expensive purchase and I’m now worried it might not work?

It is promoted as being Smartthings compatible, but is this truly the case? Smartthings says you can update these lights via Smartthings, but I’ve read that this isn’t possible? Is that correct? Also, as mentioned above this is the ‘+’ type version, so are there actually any DTH currently available for this model?

Many thanks.

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There ARE issues with the Smart+ devices. They tend to get buffer overflows when a lot of commands get sent to them which will cause the bulbs to stop responding which can then cascade back to the hub which will require a reboot for both the hub and the bulbs/light strips to get them working again. I typically reboot all my Sylvania bulbs and my ST hub once a month to avoid it. I do still find times when they will just stop responding and I have to do a power cycle on them.

AFAIK, the ST hub can’t upgrade the bulbs/lightstrips. But, I could be wrong on that.

However, with all that said, they do function well, with some minor annoyances. I use this DTH for some of them and the stock Zigbee RGBW DTH for some and find no difference in terms of performance at the DTH level.


Thanks Core. I was under the impression that ST had implemented ide-side zigbee ota updates that would allow me to update the smart+ flex strip and hopefully eliminate some of the associated issues… Don’t really want to have to go through the rigmour that you are dealing with tbh…

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The ST hub can upgrade the bulbs if you’ve turned it on in the IDE… Not sure on the strips

(John) #113

Works on strips too.

(Borristhecat) #114

Not if you’re in the UK :neutral_face:

(Christopher Capitumino) #115

That is how GitHub integration should work. I have it on most of my device handlers and smart as, but this one doesn’t show anything in the repo


Really? Is this definitely true? ST doesn’t mention any regional restrictions? I’ve managed to turn on OTA updates in the IDE in preparation of receiving the Flex strip, I’ll be gutted if it doesn’t work now :frowning:


This is the write up in the UK FAQ section, no mention of US only?


Just had confirmation from ST that these updates are not supported in the UK despite being on their UK website, the message went on to say ST have ‘no idea when/if it ever will be implemented’.

To say I’m disappointed is an understatement, surely it can’t be that difficult to port this US functionality across? Plus there should be explicit reference to this on the website so UK purchasers of Osram products are not deceived.


RGB Light Connect App
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and yep :disappointed:

It really annoyed me as well, especially as I was having issues with these lamps and I assumed that they were up to date as my OTA allowed to be turned ON. It took me loads of research to then find I had to buy another hub just to do the updates. :angry:


Jeez, that adds an expense I really could do without. Did the upgrade at least improve things?

(Borristhecat) #121

Yeah it fixed everything.

I just brought the lightify gateway was about £25, then follow my instructions from earlier on in the thread and you won’t lose anything.


Thanks @borristhecat is there a possibility that my flex smart+ strips could potentially come with the latest firmware already installed? Do you know what the target firmware should be?

Many thanks again.

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Unfortunately I doubt they do, they order so much of stuff like this that it sits on the shelf for ages, but I won’t have a clue as I don’t have any. I can only tell you what version my RGB tunable White Osram lamps are, it could be the same but I wouldn’t know for sure.


Thanks @borristhecat I’ll look up your updating instructions in preparation.

If anyone who has the smart+ flex strips could let me know what the latest/ST-safe firmware is that would be much appreciated. I don’t really want to have to buy a gateway if I don’t need one.

My strip is showing firmware version 0x01020493 in the IDE

Many thanks again.


Today I got home and all of my lightify lights aren’t working. I tried resetting the hub and tried resetting one of the bulbs but nothing is working. Checked for outages and don’t see any. I’m completely at a loss.