[UPDATED] Osram Lightify RGBW A19/BR30 US version (HA) DTH

In this DTH, color loop is implemented using Move Hue zigbee command. There isn’t an equivalent Move Color Temperature command, only a Move To Color Temperature.

You can simulate a color temperature loop by using Move To Color Temperature with a long transition time, capturing the color temperature message. When 2000K is achieved, you would need to issues a Move To Color Temperature to 6000K and vice versa. (That’s how the Pulse feature is implemented. When level is 5%, the DTH asks for level to be set to 99% and vice versa.) It may or may not work. I was surprised that the Pulse feature ended up working.

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It is awesome DTH,
so far I only have one problem, I like to use color loop function.
When I try it on single device, only 50% chance it works, 50% it will stuck on blue.

When I combine 6 bulbs, then it just turn yello/orange, and stay there forever.

Here is my piston

I’ve experienced the same behavior. Add a wait (5 or 10 seconds) after your initial loopOn() followed by another loopOn(). That seems to address it for me.

I’d like to sync up multiple bulbs without resorting to CoRE. Using a SmartApp, I have all the color/colortemp, level, on/off features working except the looping, pulse, and blink. I am doing this by subscribing to events from one light, and passing the values on to the others.

Is there a way to send the loopOn() command from a smartApp? or is that impossible because it is not part of any compatibility set?

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I’m a novice with this stuff.

Hi. Yes, all of these custom commands are declared and available to smart apps:

    command "temp2700"
    command "temp3000"
    command "temp6500"
    command "setHue360", ["number"]

    command "pulseOn"
    command "pulseOff"
    command "blinkOn"
    command "blinkOff"
    command "loopOn"
    command "loopOff"
    command "setDefaultColor" 

There’s no way to have multiple bulbs do loop, pulse, or blink in-sync (eg same color at the same exact time) though.

Use trendsetter by @Kriskit it’s a great app for grouping lights.

Do you have a repo for this?

@chippie I’m in the UK and the default works fine for me? I did update the FW yesterday so it might have something to do with that?

It’s a great DH thanks @gkl_sf been looking for something like this for ages. Just need to check it still works with all my webCoRE stuff :crossed_fingers::+1:.

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Thanks for the post. My bulb actually stopped working out the blue soon after my above post, only had one for testing. However I think it was actually all fixed with .18 Hub f/w update a while back but still good to know that it works.

Hey Borris,

I was just reading another one of your threads does trend setter allow you to start and stop the color loop feature?


What colour loop feature? Point me too the DH and I’ll give it a try :blush:

Is it possible to make the color loop the default when the bulb is turned on by chance? When I click “save as default” it saves the color it’s currently on and not the mode.

Thanks in advance!


Understand now and no sorry.

Sorry, not possible. The bulb will remember the static state only.

Stumbled upon this post today and I can’t thank you enough! It fixed everything I didn’t like about these bulbs!! Thank you so much!

I’m trying to store all of a bulb’s attributes to variables, but the color attribute (string) doesn’t seem to be working. Is this an issue with the DTH? I noticed that “colorName” is absent from the Current States list if I use your device handler:

If I go back to the Zigbee RGBW handler, colorName is on the list, but I still can’t get it to log the string in a variable, and, interestingly, the tile in ST only updates the name for whites. If I set it to green, it still says “soft white” for example.

Here’s my piston…

And here’s my log, note that there should be 6 values, and only 5 are present. Color is missing.

Ultimately what I’m trying to do is determine if a bulb is currently using a color, or if it’s a shade of white. The color name would be extremely helpful.

Hi George, thanks for puttting this dth out it has been very helpful for me. Like many others here I am trying to use it with webcore and I was curious if there is someplace I could look to see what each of the functions exposed to webcore actually do? For instance when setting up a lighting piston I select on of my osram bulbs and I have the option to turnoff which is pretty self explanatory but, then there are functions like “toggle” or "pulseOff"
Instead of flooding the forum with a different question for each I thought it would be helpful if you could point this novice to some documentation?

Thanks again for all your hard work

Fixed – needed

attribute “colorName”, “string”

in definition{}

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Hi. Here are the custom commands:

Toggle is built-in to webcore – if on, switch to off; if off, switch to on

temp2700 – incandescent
temp3000 – halogen
temp6500 – daylight

pulseOn – starts pulse on/off (fade in/out) mode
pulseOff – stops it

blinkOn – starts blinking on/off
blinkOff – stops it

loopOn – start color loop
loopOff – stops it

setDefaultColor – see first post for description

setHue360(hue) – sets hue to this number, based on 0-360 hue range and sets saturation to 100%

I can see colorname and colormode in the IDE, but I still can’t access those states from webcore:

IDE states