[Updated] Media Renderer Events, play messages, radio stations, tracks, sounds

Awesome! that works! I’ve used an mp3 on a local web server.

How would I get it to loop the audio clip (preferably without a pause)

I’ve tried increasing the duration argument, but it only plays to the end of the track (which happens to also be 10 seconds)

Also, I’d like to be able to use one of your MediaRenderer (Connect) DNLA speakers to start and stop the audio with the play/stop button… is that possible?


You can set your speaker in loop mode (with your control point app, not ST) but the beast way its you create a new audio file with the sound repeated many times as you like.

ah… I’m using your MediaRenderer (Connect) DNLA speakers

Also, I’d like to be able to use one of your MediaRenderer (Connect) DNLA speakers to start and stop the audio with the play/stop button… is that possible?

Hi, yes, you can start and stop the audio, but you need to load the media with your control point or some app.

I’m sorry, I don’t know what a control point is. Do you mean like iTunes airplaying to the speakers? I thought that’s what this SmartApp would do?

Hi, I think you must to know your speakers, you can do very good actions if you know what you have

I suggest you to read the first post

Is it possible to make my Google Home play radio station?

I want a scenario where Motion start a radio station, and then turn OFF when motion stops.

I have tested the DLNA and it works on my Yamaha Receiver, the problem is that it must stay ON all time. and that is a NoGo…

Of course, but for google home you need a server, search bubble server, it can e installed in a windows pc or an android phone, very easy and works great

are you sure it can be used with Google Home, and not only chromecast ?
I have read somewhere that Google Home can not be triggered to play anything without Voice command.

I have many old Android phones, can I make my android a DLNA ready device to play music from?
So a motion can trigger my phone to play a radio station ?

My only solution at this moment is to use Lannouncer to play a Voice telling my Google home to start music :stuck_out_tongue:

What I know, Google Home can be recognized as DLNA if you install a bubble server, my code just works with 1 google device for now, I need to mod some things to allow multiple google devices, but for you 1 its ok

if you say so, than I will try :slight_smile: Need to do some reading about what I need, and where to begin.
I already have all your MediaRender and Musicplayer installed in my ST.

Will do some testing tomorrow and see if I figure it out, my google Home have mostly not been used because I dont want to speak to it, but if triggering music from ST works, that is a huge pluss :smiley:

If you use the DLNA mediarenderer you can use only the mediarenderer capabilities , I dont think you can play spotify list with a dlna command.

in other way

you can put an android phone near the google home and send some command to google home. is not a clean way but works

So you say I can use Mediarender to start radio to Google Home, but not Spotify ?
That is okay, I dont need spotify, a random radio channel is OK for me.

But Google Home does not appear when I do render device search from ST.
So not sure how to add that to the players.

edit: I installed Bubble server on my computer, but no config URL was found, and the sofware would not start. Dont know what`s wrong.

But I still dont understand why I need a DLNA server to play music, when I can play music on my Yamaha speaker without using the bubble speaker?
I can send message, and sound to my Yamaha, but Google Home does not appear in the list.

is the Bubble server a 3rd party software that will allow my google home to be used as a DLNA device ? :o

Yes , its a 3rd party software to traduce the dlna commands to chromecast, search bubble server chromecast.

Thank you again for the app, and the help :slight_smile: I manage to find all my devices in ST.
My TV did also appear :smiley: but I cant turn it ON\OFF , but adjust volume and play messages, but that is cool anyway.

I also got my google home now in ST, I can make it talk (Send message) , but when trying to add music, the ST app says: “You Cant do this yet” , so it`s not possible to make it play music or anything like that.

any idea how to make that happen ?

Thank you

Hi,I dont know what smart app are you using , I suggest you to read about DLNA and the way it works, if you want to add music you need a control point.

Once you have send some music (track or radio station) with your control point, the audio link its saved in the ST played songs list.

Use the app mediaRenderer events to select some playes song in the track section.

You can test the radio function inside the device in st, if you select config your speaker (inside the ST app) you can find a section calls genre, select some genre and press done, now the last button in the buttons device (inside ST app) its a mode to change the play button to play station button , just press "play station button " and you can play some station based in the genre selected.

I know how DLNA work (like a CD player, you need a CD to Play Pause Stop Next).
But the google home is not like any other DLNA device.

I have no other apps to use it, I only say “play radio” and it does, “play Blues” and it does.
I thought I could tell CoRE to “Play Genre Blues” and it would start, something like that. ?

in CoRE there is a option: PlayStation{} , but there is nowhere to add what station, URL or anything like that.

Edit: Btw I manage to go into the ST app and start a Genre to play music :slight_smile: but still, cant find any SmartApp that would start a genre by motion

Hi , sorry I dont use CoRE , you can use mediarenderer events , you can use any track previously played.

ok, then buying a Sonos is the only option I guess.

Thanx anyway :slight_smile:

@ule I have installed the Media Renderer player a week ago and tried it with Pure Jongo A2 and it works great. I just tried the Media Renderer events smart app and trying to find a way to automate playing some radio stations. I can see these stations on the radionomy website, but I am not able to see them from the smart app. Can you please let me know how I could add any of the stations which doesn’t show up in the smart app?