[Updated] Media Renderer Events, play messages, radio stations, tracks, sounds

This looked like a tempting option since the alternative “Big Talker” SmartApp isn’t working as intended for me but after reading through the 31 posts so far, this option doesn’t seem any better and far more complicated for TTS what is just what I want, no radio stations or anything. :frowning:

I do want to say that I greatly appreciate the work they are all trying as alternatives to the broken ST TTS and I’m disgusted that ST still hasn’t fixed this issue that has been around across several threads for a very long time.

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I tried your SmartApp because I just want to play a specified track stored on my local Synology NAS server when a certain SmartThings event occurs. It seems to me this should be much quicker than going out to the internet and I could easily download or prerecord tracks that I want to use. However your App only seems to cater for playing a track from a radio station.

Is there any chance you could provide an option to play a track stored on a NAS, either directly by folder/filename or by sending it through DLNA from the NAS DLNA server specified by the user to the DLNA renderer.

(PS where are the predefined sounds (barking dogs, bell etc) coming from ? are they stored on a server on the internet, or are they stored on the SmartHub, or somewhere else ?)

@Spinny - I’m looking for the same thing. Right now I’m trying the “speaker control” app. It will play the “track” which is current on your DLNA queue - so if you set it up that would be your preferred track. Also, yes the Sonos “dog bark” etc comes from Amazon, so it’s slow.

@ule - since 1/1/2016, Radiotunes no longer allows streaming from the non-webapp, so that’s too bad. I had it set up to play xmas songs when I came home, but it won’t do it now other than send an announcement about their change in streaming policy. Oh well.

Hi @Patrick_Callahan, sorry to hear about that, I have premium account and I have not that message, I have tried the test account and now I known about the problem, I´m going to decide if I remove the Radio Tunes features or I leave it to premium users, If you known about other radio station online like RT, I could try to add to this smartApp,

OK, I’m sure I am just clueless about this whole thing, but here goes…

I managed to load the code from Github, and was able to discover LG LAS751 sound bar, LG H5 speaker and 2 LGh3 speakers. But how do I attach it to radio, or text to speech to get sound?

I have Media render in smart apps
I have Sonos Weather in Smart apps
I also have talking alarm in smart apps

but I don’t understand where it should get the actual music/speech files from or how to set it up. I’m going on 3 days of ready forums without discovering what most likely is right in front of my face…

HI havoc, The Media Renderer Device allows you to send mp3 files to your speakers, the files are sent by several smart apps like media renderer events apps, If you want to send music you can do it with several ios or andorid apps like Denon , or technics aps, the Mediarenderer device app will store all music you play and you can select it to play when something happens. This device is not a playlist manager you can not list your dlna servers on it, it just allow to send the mp3 links fle to your speakers and resume the music you are playing, not all dlna controllers works with ST, i suggest you to read the instructions in Media renderer player topic

Thanks @ule I will go through the instructions again…

I guess my question is from the file source for Sonos - I received a message on SmartThings iOS app for my good morning alarm from Talking Alarm, but nothing came through the speaker (it does show in activity feed that the speaker volume level changed to 50 then a “Talking Alarm” entry).

I’ll read some more and tinker with it when I get home…

I got the welcome message this morning… guess the speaker needs to be active for the alarm stuff to work… still not getting any sonos functions, but I don’t need most of the stuff they offer anyway. Going to continue to trouble shoot to better understand the system though.

You can add these speakers to the tested and working list -

LG LAS 751

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HI, I have update Media Renderer Events. Some bug fixes, now Ivona TTS its more reliable, compatible with more Media Renderers

You can select your language with Voice RSS.

Still searching some other streaming service since RadioTunes just works with premium account.

HI, I have update Media Renderer Events. RadioTunes has been removed, I have added Radionomy Stations, great service , you no need subscription or any key.

Now you’ll be greeted with great music when you get home

If you like this app, please consider supporting its development by making a donation via PayPal.

Hi @Patrick_Callahan, I have updated the app, now you can use Radionomy instead RadioTunes.

I have 3 Jongo speakers working
Jongo S3 White, Jongo T2 Black and Jongo T2 White.

Playing sound works great, in fact I freaked out my wife with the Dogs Barking.

What is the correct format (with example) to “Play this Message”?
I tried entering “Door Opened” and I see the message going to AWS but nothing played.

Before I entered a message it played this message

"You selected the Text to Speech function but did not enter a message" which did play on my speakers.

Best wishes

HI @mark.nacke, You must to enter the message you like “Door Opened” its ok,
Have you the Media Renderer events updated?
Could you share the logs when an event launch the audio, I want to see what is sending.

d03d0d20-1a68-4c57-965e-d3a65c1d023e 5:26:32 PM: trace Exiting takeAction()
d03d0d20-1a68-4c57-965e-d3a65c1d023e 5:26:32 PM: trace x-rincon-mp3radio://api.voicerss.org/?key=null&hl=en-us&r=0&f=48khz_16bit_mono&src=Door%20Opened&sf=//s3.amazonaws.com/smartapp-
d03d0d20-1a68-4c57-965e-d3a65c1d023e 5:26:30 PM: trace allOk
d03d0d20-1a68-4c57-965e-d3a65c1d023e 5:26:30 PM: trace timeOk = true
d03d0d20-1a68-4c57-965e-d3a65c1d023e 5:26:30 PM: trace daysOk = true
d03d0d20-1a68-4c57-965e-d3a65c1d023e 5:26:30 PM: trace modeOk = true
d03d0d20-1a68-4c57-965e-d3a65c1d023e 5:26:30 PM: trace modeOk true
bb99549a-6fe8-4665-a0f4-5c9c364d0426 5:26:18 PM: debug Parse returned Mark Nacke’s Android has arrived
5:26:44 PM: info Waiting on events…
5:26:44 PM: info For past logs for individual things go to the My Devices section, find the device and click on the Events link on the device information page.
5:26:44 PM: info This console provides live logging of your SmartThings.

This is from the IDE Live Logging
If there is somewhere else to look please let me know.

Another question I have is there a way to determine the device name that triggered the event so I can pass that string to the message to announce?

Best wishes

HI @mark.nacke, I can see the TTS is the Voice RSS, but no key has been supplied, in the section “Text for Speach Setting” you must select SmartThings (now is working) if ST fails it going to take the Voice RSS or the Ivona if the keys are present. If you want to use other voice than english USA, you must to sign in on ivona or Voice RSS , read the instructions inside the app.

HI @mark.nacke, Yes you can send the device name or other properties, when you select
"play this message" you are in the page to add the message and you can see the instructions to use the device name or other properties with example.


Thanks for your help.

So now I have just one more issue.
When the message plays on my speakers it just says “Sensor Opened” but if I grab the file off of AWS it has full message of "Back Door Sensor Opened"

Any idea why it would truncate the message to the speaker?
I tried using #label but that didn’t work so I had to rename the #name to match the #label.

“Play this message?” is set to
" #name #value "

Thank you very much

Hi @mark.nacke,
The #label is not implemented , if you read the instructions the is no a #label tag.
Some speakers take more time to start playing, but I never heard about to cut the start message, commonly they cut off the end, again could you send the log just to see the uri,
The user who has confirm the Jongo works is @BristolBaz maybe he could share their experience with us about the delay
If your speakers have the problem from hardware, you can add a dummy message in the start like "smartThings Back Door Sensor Opened " in this way the speaker going to play just "Back Door Sensor Opened ".
Verify if your speaker do not have some feature like gapless play, this can do some strange play to avoid stop music in some speakers,

Hi Guys, I am currently drowning in information and ignorance at the moment. This app was suggested as a solution. All I want to do is have my house tell my daughter when she needs to start getting ready for bed, and maybe a few other things. I Listened to the Ivona samples and they sound quite natural and smooth so I would like to use that if possible. If there is an easier way to get this done I would love to hear it.

I have done the following.

-Figured out how to get into my IDE
-Created my own App
-Copy pasted the Media Renderer Events code completely replacing what was in mine.
-Saved and published

This resulted in an error:
grails.validation.ValidationException: Validation Error(s) occurred during save():

  • Field error in object ‘physicalgraph.device.Device’ on field ‘name’: rejected value [null]; codes [physicalgraph.device.Device.name.nullable.error.physicalgraph.device.Device.name,physicalgraph.device.Device.name.nullable.error.name,physicalgraph.device.Device.name.nullable.error.java.lang.String,physicalgraph.device.Device.name.nullable.error,device.name.nullable.error.physicalgraph.device.Device.name,device.name.nullable.error.name,device.name.nullable.error.java.lang.String,device.name.nullable.error,physicalgraph.device.Device.name.nullable.physicalgraph.device.Device.name,physicalgraph.device.Device.name.nullable.name,physicalgraph.device.Device.name.nullable.java.lang.String,physicalgraph.device.Device.name.nullable,device.name.nullable.physicalgraph.device.Device.name,device.name.nullable.name,device.name.nullable.java.lang.String,device.name.nullable,nullable.physicalgraph.device.Device.name,nullable.name,nullable.java.lang.String,nullable]; arguments [name,class physicalgraph.device.Device]; default message [{0} cannot be null]

I also dont have the first clue as to how I would get the Ivona API(as suggested in op), nor what that even means. I tried signing up with Ivona and promptly ran into the fact that it is only for business development use.

I fear I am entirely out of my depth as a non coder, but any advice would be great.