[UPDATED JAN 2019] Hue B Smart (Groups & Scenes) - Remove Popcorn Effect!

I’m a refugee from Wink. I just got the ST hub a few days ago.

I’m having trouble getting the Hue B Smart app to detect my Hue bulbs. The Hue B Smart bridge installed just fine…

All the device handlers are installed from github as well
I initiated a device scan in ST but it found no new devices.
I’ve rebooted the Hue bridge and ST hub as well. No effect. Am I missing a step?
Thanks for any advice.

I figured out what I was missing. I was in the new app not classic. It worked fine in classic.


Does this work with the UK hub? Seems to be stuck searching for a hub never to find one (I have removed all the previous Hue hub/devices). The stock ST integration has a ‘UK’ version of the hue connector.


I’m seeing the following every refresh in my logs. It’s only happening for a Hue Group that has two Hue Lightstrips (1st gen) and two Hue Blooms. The group appears to work correctly from SmartThings, but this error is showing up frequently. None of my other groups seem to be having this issue.

groovy.lang.GroovyRuntimeException: Ambiguous method overloading for method java.lang.Integer#div.
Cannot resolve which method to invoke for [null] due to overlapping prototypes between:
[class java.lang.Character]
[class java.lang.Number] @line 658 (updateStatus)

Anyone know of anything I can do to prevent this?

Is the “flash” on the device UI pulled from hue or is it something in a device handler? I would really love for it to only flash on e or maybe twice, and not 15 times.

I have been working on a piston to do this but as I have 17 devices that I would be running it on and need to save the device status and then return it back to the same status after flashing, it is taking me a long time to code, especially with the piston not handling colormode well. It would be way quicker for me to be able to modify a code in a device handler.

My goal is for all lights to flash once or twice a set color (want to see it in action before deciding) when my doorbell is pressed.

645 pages and i think iv read the majority of them trying to figure this out. unfortunately i cant seem to figure it out on my own. The problem im having seems very much like the problem manyt others have had but nothing they has help them seems to help me. i am unable to discover any hue bridges.

i have pasted (from raw) the newest source code. saved, published and enabled oauto and add/published all device handlers.

in the desktop browser as well as the classic app and new app i have made sure that all previous hue devices were deleted prior to hue b smart app install.

in the classic app i try to complete install starting with discovering bridges but thats where it fails. it wont find anything. i am new to this so its likely im missing something important. can somebody please help me get this working? i think you very much in advance.

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I’ve just factory reset my v2 hub and fresh installed the latest v1.83… I’m currently stuck, I have 4 hue bridges and cannot successfully link more than 2 at a time. The app can discover all 4 bridges, but once I link to the 3rd bridge the app cannot pull data from the bridge. I’ve repeated the process so many times… I link the 1st bridge, the bridge data (bulbs, scenes, groups) comes up fine. Link the 2nd bridge, all good. Then I get to the 3rd, nothing comes up… Oddly, if I delete the 2nd bridge then go back to the 3rd bridge (that had nothing showing up previously), it pulls data successfully! Then I link again the 2nd bridge I just removed, same problem again - no data. I tried redoing the sequence of linking each of the bridges, and it always fails on the 3rd bridge regardless! Is there a maximum amount of data that the app can handle that may be causing this?

What is the live logging showing when this occurs?

How many devices do you have? I think people have connected more than 3 before but maybe you just have too much in the hue configuration which means the smart app is going over its maximum size.

Option make another hue smart app by copying the code and changing

name: "Hue B Smart",


name: "Hue B Smart 2", 

then install the extra 2 hue bridges on to the Hue B Smart 2 app

It’s well over a hundred bulbs, a few dimmers/tap switches, plus customizations running in the iConnect Hue iOS app.

The app had stopped pulling data from the hue bridges for some time already, hence why I factory reset my v2 Hub. THOUGH, before I reset my v2 Hub I had all 100+ bulbs linked - not all at once from the same version of the app, but over time through different versions and upgraded as and when. Can’t recall at what version of the app it stopped pulling data from my hue bridges, but was the size limitation a feature you only implemented at some point?

Start things has always had Storage size limits
The contents of State and Atomic State are limited to 100,000 characters when serialized to JSON.

This should be more than sufficient for typical use cases. If you find yourself running into this limitation, you should evaluate your use case - remember, State and Atomic State are intended to persist small amounts of data across executions. It is not intended to be an unbounded or large database.

Even just one of my hue bridge configs is 111980, now this smart app doesn’t store everything but seeing as hue have added so much is the last few years I can easily see two hubs being enough to go over the 100000 character storage limit

Just checked mine is 23315 in Hue B Smart for both bridges but I have removed all default scenes and don’t have many I also have no other 3rd party hue apps added

Ah I see. So given that I was previously able to link all my bulbs it could be the hue bridge firmware updates could be the culprit for the data overload? I’m a noob on this, but where do I see the storage size consumed by my install?

Thanks for the tip, will do with installing another instance of the app. Will this cause performance issues though?

In IDE > My Locations > Smartapps > Hue B Smart

Copy all the text in the linked bridges section

Then paste it into here for a count https://www.lettercount.com

Just so you know, I ran into the same problem and what I did to troubleshoot was to set hue b smart not to look for scenes, since I don’t use them on SmartThings.
I have 5 bridges and that was enough to make it work.

I got 48700 with 2 bridges linked - seems like I’m well below the limit?

I did think about that - how did you customise the app to omit the scenes?

If I remember correctly, I edited the function itemDiscoveryHandler(evt) on the app code.
I think I set the scenes to null, but don’t remember well… There should be plenty of ways of providing an empty list on that function.
Sorry I’m on mobile can’t really paste it

If anything it should improve performance

Pretty sure the November 2019 Firmware update for the bridge has broken the initial pairing process again.


This has been working for ages well, but since I added more bulbs and scenes it no longer lets me discover any new bulbs. All the existing bulbs work well. It just stays on the discover screen forever. I assumed it was because I had too many bulbs on the hue bridge and I needed another bridge anyway. So I added a new bridge and split the bulbs but I still have the same issue. It can find the new bridge but never discovers anything just repeats the error over and over again. Any tips?

Logs show the following error

java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1 @line 1385 (getCommandData)