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[UPDATED JAN 2019] Hue B Smart (Groups & Scenes) - Remove Popcorn Effect!

(Jason Goodman) #591

@tmleafs I was finally able to get this working as it should with bulbs and scenes. My new question is in the new smart things app, no status of the bulbs shows up unless clicked on. My concern is that as I progress and eventually do action tiles on tablets around the house that it will not sync accordingly. Thoughts?

( #592

I will never install the new app, there’s no need almost 75% of the devices I have don’t work in the new app and smartthings still haven’t said for original old app users to use it, so I won’t.

I have action tiles works fine for me

( #593

Please Note

To install this app you need to remove all current hue devices and apps from SmartThings

(Brian Aker) #594

Thanks for the app, it works well for me!
( I have it communicating with 4 hubs )

(Joshua Ewing) #595

Good morning @tmleafs. Trying to find out what the fix is or what I am doing wrong. Looks like an amazing smart app and has the exact functionality I am looking for with webCoRE. At first I was not able to connect my hub and kept getting the same error as GaryHunjan . It finally connected to both Hubs but under connected hubs it just says “Discovering bulbs, scenes, and groups…” and never populates under “My Home”. Just the hubs show up. Sounds like the same issue punkgamer69 had.

(Roger S) #596

Would it be feasible to add in functionality to mark a bulb/group as unavailable when they are powered off? The Hue SmartApp does this, and I think it can be achieved using the ‘Reachable’ attribute.

Thanks for good work though, this has enabled me to move away from stringify, and simplify my handling of Hue.

(Antony Pugh) #597

I am unable to add or remove scenes. Bulbs and groups are fine. Thoughts?

( #598

Have you definitely added the scene device handler?
IDE logs while trying to add scenes please

(Antony Pugh) #599

Yes and it has worked in the past as I have 5 or so added.

the logs say my DTH is mismatched but I am uptodate with the GIT repo that I know off.


15:06:46: error physicalgraph.exception.InconsistentDataException: DTH version mismatch for id:93d8576e-eec2-470c-a4c3-b75a4ae4cd1b and version:4 @line 574 (chooseScenes)
15:06:46: debug Does scene Bright have lightStates? lightStates = null
15:06:46: debug adding scene Bright. Are lights assigned? lights = [7, 8]

(Antony Pugh) #600

Version is 1.5 if that helps

( #601

No wonder we are on 1.83 now each new version fixes stuff that ST break
Please update App & all DHs

(Antony Pugh) #602

Its odd. some bits are 1.83 and other 1.7 and some 1.5. I use the repo to update and it shows nothing. is there a new repo I should be using??

(Antony Pugh) #603

I just checked the repo and it shows the scenes SRC is 1.5 in the notes.

(Michael Leonardo) #604

Hey @tmleafs, wondering what your thoughts are on the new zone feature. Is that something that is exposed and could be pulled in the same way groups are? Or is it not worth it, and just use scene in ST?

( #605

Have you not tried adding a zone its just a group in the api with the type Zone instead of Room

Hue B Smart shouldn’t know the difference

(Michael Leonardo) #606

My bad. I didn’t see it in my zone list initially. I guess we’re good to go! Thanks!