[UPDATED JAN 2019] Hue B Smart (Groups & Scenes) - Remove Popcorn Effect!

What do you mean?

Lets say i set brightness of all lightbulbs in a group to 25% I can do that either by adjusting the whole group or 1 by 1.
If later on a 100% brightness scene gets acivated the group of lamps in the ST app keeps showing 25% brightness. Increasing brightness with a physical button also does not get noticed.

I just installed the SmartApp and device handlers from tmleafs repo.

I previously had the original version of the code, but deleted the SmartApp, repo, and device handlers from my hub via the IDE web interface before installing this version.

I have a bunch of Automations set up, but they are unreliable with the stock Philips integration with SmartThingsPublic (not all the bulbs turn on or off sometimes), but scenes are 100% reliable as are whole room toggles, hence my desire to switch to something like Hue_B_Smart that supports rooms and scenes.

I’ve got the tmleaf repo added and have installed the SmartApp and device handlers, and installed the SmartApp via the SmartThings app, however when I enter the Hue_B_Smart app it never finds my hub, just sits there searching.


Do I have to wipe out all my stock hue stuff from SmartThings before it will find the hub?

I have a ton of automations, so didn’t want to have to recreate if I didn’t have to…


I keep having an issue with my SmartThings app crashing on all my IOS devices since I installed this smartapp. I love this app but the crashing is every few minutes. I contacted customer support and they sent me over this screenshot of errors that appears to be caused by the Hue B Smartapp. Can anyone offer me advice?

Hue Customer support sent that log to you? I’m very confused

It should of been impossible for you to install Hue B Smart without removing all other ST Hue Smartapps & Devices other than having a very broken setup. Honestly if you’re using webcore it wont take more than a few hours in the evening to switch over. I had to do it will Logitech Harmony the other week as I brought another hub and it couldnt be added without removing all current Harmony from ST and readding

Hi @tmleafs

First of all thanks for you work!

I have an issue which is identical to the issue described here (except the solution didn’t work, I also tried to clear and even factory reset my Hue Bridge but it didn’t change anything):

From what I gathered from the logs and the source code for the SmartApp, something is preventing the verify response to be processed. I tried adding a log at the start of the subscribe handler and it did not get called before nor after the WARN message (and the WARN messages always followed the verify requests).

It seems the WARN message comes from something else trying to parse the response from the Bridge and failing (and preventing your app to even receive it). I suspect it’s the “official” baked in Hue device handler (which I was using before, but I can’t see nor delete it in my SmartApps). Do you have any idea to help? I also sent a message to support and waiting for a response but maybe you’ll think of something :).

You have a sent a message to support, they should notice a device called Lampe chevet which is currently a ghost device (A device you have deleted but wasn’t deleted successfully) which they should be able to remove for you. Once that has happened the app should work correctly.

Thanks that’s what I did yesterday, I’m waiting for a reply, will keep you updated.
Thanks again for looking into it.

Little followup, I got tired to wait for support so I tried a little change in your code and it worked, I just directly specified the callback function for the verify request:

private verifyHueBridge(String deviceNetworkId, String host) {
log.debug("Sending verify request for ${deviceNetworkId} (${host})")
sendHubCommand(new physicalgraph.device.HubAction([
    	method: "GET",
        path: "/description.xml",
        headers: [
                HOST: host
        callback: processDiscoveryResponse

EDIT: oops I actually botched my change (should have used processVerifyResponse and checked the arguments) but it worked so I’m not complaining :).

Does that mean you could now install this app with the original still installed? But it would cause huge problems

No I just used the IDE to change the existing app and published it to my hub (it was already installed). I reverted back after pairing the bridge and everything looks fine. My code was wrong (for several reasons) but somehow just giving a callback worked around the ghost device issue.

Uninstalled the app and all the dth’s. Tried re installing but the initial install gets stuck and spins forever with the message “searching for Hue Bridges”. It won’t find the hub.

I’m trying to figure out how to use the “flash” function in webCoRE. Which command should I be using? I’ve played around with a bit but can’t seem to get it working. As of now, I’m using the emulated flash command, but I would prefer to use the one built into your DH. The tile in smartthings works perfectly, just can’t figure out how to use it in webCoRE.

would need IDE Logs to seem what the problem is

Just to make sure I’m using the command correctly. What is the proper syntax I should be using for starting a “flash alert” in webCoRE? Just to make sure it’s not user error.


Updated Version 1.2 https://github.com/tmleafs/Hue_B_Smart
Fixed Update problem due to bulb,scene or group deleted from hue without removing it from smartthings first. Thanks to @Collisionc
Added FlashCoRe for webcore usage. Requested by @Mark_Rorem

@tmleafs thanks for the FlashCore command, however, I can’t seem to get the command to show up in my groups. I tried removing and replacing the groups from webCoRE but the command doesn’t show on the list when I try to use it.

Also, I believe you may have missed adding it to the “white_ambiance” DTH even though the comments say that it was. Thanks again for all your hard work.


I tried used the command FlashCoRE with one of my Hue Color Bulbs (the command shows up there) but it doesn’t appear to be doing anything. Any advice?


Unfortunately, it appears that this update broke something. Smartthings was no longer receiving updates from Hue B on status of several of my bulbs. Bulb showed in ST as on even though it was off. If I pressed off, it didn’t change. I tried deleting Hue B and reinstalling, but now I cannot re-install Hue B. I get the initial prompt to press done, but there is no done button.

EDIT: Got things working again, but I don’t know what caused it. Can you still take a look at the flashcore command to see if it’s actually working and double check to see if it was truly added to the white_ambiance DTH??