Updated Ecobee?

(Christopher) #1

Not trying to start a rumor or speculation post, but I was curious if anyone knew about an update coming to the Ecobee product line. It looks like they’ve been doing some pretty serious discounts on the current models which makes me wonder. I’m finishing up the renovation on a house and it will require three thermostats. As much as I’d love to pull the trigger on the Ecobee 3 given the current discounts, I hate to buy something that about to be replaced or updated. I’ve got the same anxious feeling I have when new Apple products are on the horizon. haha Cheers!

(ActionTiles.com co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #2

When it comes to “gadgets” everything is about to be replaced or upgraded (well… some things faster than others).

The best you can hope for is either getting a good-enough discount on the current “old” model to help you feel comfortable about missing out on the “latest and greatest” (which could have bugs and other drawbacks too!), and/or confidence in your ability to recover some of the costs of your “old” model by reselling on eBay, etc…

Personally, I buy nearly all of my gadgets “1 or 2 generations out of date”, resulting in a substantial savings over time. I subsequently sell them on eBay once I’ve upgraded… even more cash back in my piggy bank – that is, unless I’ve dropped my phone on the sidewalk while scraping dog poop off my shoe (ummm… long story).

(Dan P Parker) #3

This. If your criteria for a consumer electronics purchase includes “Won’t be made obsolete soon” you might as well add “Is guaranteed to produce indisputable proof of Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster” to the list.

(Christopher) #4

I heard this wasn’t coming until the ST v3 hub was released. :wink:

(Christopher) #5

I completely understand and agree. :slight_smile: I was just more or less seeing if anyone knew something I didn’t with regards to an update.

I do this on a lot of my personal electronics, but if the wife is going to approve of an expensive “HA gadget” purchase, I know I’ve only got one shot every few years.

(Not Dexter) #6

Saw someone post that the next gen ecobee is slated for later this year, possibly October. They said they were a beta tester, so they were probably breaking an NDA by talking about it. Hard to verify these things unless someone officially talks about it.

(Diego Yong) #7

Also, if I may add, this is a thermostat we are talking about. Most average consumers do not shop for a new thermostats 3-5 years (except all of us in the forums who are constantly looking for new gadgets LOL), so while a new model will come up they probably don’t anticipate for everyone to jumo on it. If you want it, go for it. While it’s on sale, you can go to lowes to price match and use a coupon and pay even lower than the current sales.

If you wait for the possible/speculative newer model to come out, you could have been missing out on already playing with current one. Also, if/when the new one comes out will most likely pay full retail which might be higher than current it will be a new product.

(Stephen) #8

I would bet on it. I bought the first one and three days later saw it on sale on Amazon. I called Ecobee and asked if I should be expecting a new one and they told me they didn’t have a new model on the road map for greater than a year. One month later the HomeKit version came out.

(Realy Living Dream) #9

Don’t read too much into sales. Earth Day is coming up. So Ecobee is pushing the energy savings of buying a new thermostat.
I’ve seen some new software/ Firmware coming up, but nothing on a totally new hardware.