[UPDATED as of March 24, 2016] Hue Lights & Groups & Scenes (OH MY!)

Hi, I can try to do that this evening. (but you’ll have to help me to understand how to get logs and which you need).

Thanks very much for your support, and let me know where I donate to this great development - the least I can do is buy you a beer for all your hard work!

PM’d you some logs…

Hi, i have observed something very interesting looking at my live logging. I just wanted to try again my Xiaomi HW Zigbee Button and Open/Close Sensor again as they have been disconnected in the past every hour or so. After connecting them to the Hub i saw that all of the Events are actually captured by the oh my hue smart app.It shows up as a non hue event in the log. And these keep working for more than 6h now.

Do you have something like a catchall zigbee in your code?

Now im wondering if i can somehow use these findings to make the Xiaomi sensors work long term… what would be amazing as they are very cheap and very nice design.

Say what??? That’s cool. It’s likely the Hue Hub picking up the Zigbee sensor and then relaying that back to the smartapp. I know that the Hue Hub can work directly with both Zigbee ZLL and CLIP (IP) sensors (it even has some ability to set up basic rules).

What’s interesting here is that you haven’t connected the sensor to the Hub and that the connection time has been increased. No idea as to the first point, but I’m guessing that the smartapp is polling the Hue Hub often enough to prevent your sleepy-sounding sensors from disconnecting.

You might have the same (or even better) connection results by using a smartapp called Pollster. You might also want to look at the manufacturer’s configuration settings to see if you can adjust something to keep the sensor connected.

Yeah i already tried pollster, but that didnt work. I also never paired the devices to the Hue Hub, but to the Smartthings Hub. To me it just seems, that your smartapp is able to capture all Zigbee related communication. Now i need to find out if i can use this information somehow to update the device handler for the xiaomi sensors so they keep working.

FYI… currently i cannot see the devices in my things… they only show up in live logging as non hue event when i use them.

edit if i press the button it shows up as:
trace NON-HUE EVENT on/off: 1
info LOCATION HANDLER: on/off: 1

and if i try to pair it by adding new thing, it shows this:
trace NON-HUE EVENT catchall: 0104 0000 01 01 0000 00 CD8F 00 04 1234 0A 01 02FF4C0600100021460C21A801240000000000218702205F
info LOCATION HANDLER: catchall: 0104 0000 01 01 0000 00 CD8F 00 04 1234 0A 01 02FF4C0600100021460C21A801240000000000218702205F

I guess this is the Zigbee Fingerprint?

Yup. That’s the Zigbee fingerprint.

You might want to check this new DTH out: Xiaomi Zigbee Door/Window Sensor, Motion Sensor, & Smart Button Device Type [beta]

ah yes, thats actually what i tried some months ago. With the many disconnects… maybe something changed in the way how Zigbee devices are handled by smartthings as i am not even able to pair them anymore without being picked up by your smartapp.

I just took a look at code (it’s been a few months). The code basically just reports what the Hue Hub sends out. Really not sure why it is doing that.

In any event, the next version of the code is going to be substantially different (need to get away from the state model).

hm, im wondering why your smartapp is putting out a “catchall” event once i press add a new thing in my smartthings app. It even shows the Z-Wave include search started as a “NON-HUE EVENT”. I cannot find anything in the smartapp code that would trigger this. But it clearly shows in live logging to be coming from your app…

I have a random issue with one of my lights, it cant be controlled by the ST app (used to work, but now only in the hue app) so i removed it from ST and then removed it from hue then added it back to both but in the SM its still not controllable however in hue app is it.

I’m seeing the same thing as iamjezz. I have one Hue light that stubbornly refuses to listen to SmartThings (using HLGS), but works from the Hue App. It is a Hue Lux, but I was fairly sure it worked before.

I’m in the process of switching from a v1 hub (US) to a v2 hub (UK) and at the same time moving to HLGS, so I’m a little overloaded, but I’m having a heck of a time getting HLGS working:

  • Some lights aren’t correctly switched on/off in a routine (but others are)
  • I have a number of duplicate Groups (with the same name) in the hub. Not sure which is which anymore. HLGS doesn’t seem to be able to delete them.
  • My hub unfortunately has something like 114 scenes, only a few of which I actually use. (years of tinkering with my Scenes on the Hue app are probably at fault here). It’s hard to know which ones are which with so many versions of the same scene on the hub. I imported a number of useless scenes when I first installed HLGS, but now I can’t get rid of them. I re-run setup of the app and un-check the scenes I no longer want, but a few seconds later they’re all automatically re-selected. What’s the best way to delete unneeded scenes?

Should I just reset the hub and start from scratch? With 26 Hue Bulbs and a few years of tweaking scenes, this isn’t a very attractive option.

On the other hand, I’m wondering if I should give up on Hue scenes and manage my scenes using SmartThings instead (in order to incorporate my few Z-Wave dimmers and homebrew lights). On the other hand, I have Hue Taps in every room and these only work with scenes on the hub.

So many questions. Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

similar situation , i have 26 other bulbs working ( issues is with one hue lux in particular ) also have so many scenes showing up and its impossible to find out which ones are correct so was thinking of just creating new ones within the SM app. Will some logs help? if so which ones?

Aha! Now that you mention it: the nonfunctional light is my only Hue Lux bulb – and I also can’t say for sure that it worked since switching from the official Hue Connect app to HLGS.

Both my Hue Bloom lights stopped responding to HLGS about a week ago, however, they still work in the Hue app. Lightstrips and A19 bulbs are still responding in ST. I’ve checked for updated device handlers and smart app, but I’m pretty new to ST so I don’t know what to try next. Delete and republish device handlers?

Many Thanks!

Mine are also not really working. I believe Hue has updated their API or so I was reading but trying to track down that post again. On top of the slowness of the smartthings app (if it loads at all) I’m not so sure where issues are coming from yet, but just wanted to let you know you’re not alone.

Just wanted to give a little update on this issue. I have resolved it by completely removing all devices, smart apps and starting over. BUT, that being said, I also went into my Hue Hub and removed all previously whitelisted ID’s. After completely cleaning, I was able to once again set up with this app and the basic built in Smarthings connect for hue hub without issue. Little bit of work, but hey, happy to have my lights back in one app (even though still having slowness issues). :wink:

Instructions for Hue - Adding verified user and removing whitelisted items. (I noticed Smartthings isn’t named but a code)

Creating the verified user:

1. Get the IP address of the bridge: https://www.meethue.com/api/nupnp # on your home network

2. Login here: HUEBRIDGE-IP/debug/clip.html

3a. in the URL: box just have /api

3b. in the Message Body box type: {“devicetype”:“my_hue_app#whatever namehere”}

3c. Press the link button on the bridge and

3d. Click “POST” in the Hue API Debug Tool.

Should see output like below, you need the long string of code as username:

		"success": {

Copy that username for safekeeping, you have now created a user and will need this for the rest.

Removing whitelisted items:

1. In API Debug tool URL box type: /api/LONGSTRINGOFCODEISUSERNAMEHERE/config/

2. About 13 lines down, you’ll see the whitelist…all the apps that are authorized to access the bridge. I found Smarthings to just be a code and not a name like below.

3. Get that long alphanumeric string in quotes (it’ll look like: f6SEmYj6FMGSq5aRqaP4jPO6YaHbbddAzhBjo2qnD

4. In the API Debug tool URL box type: /api/LONGSTRINGOFCODEISUSERNAMEHERE/config/whitelist/long_alphanumeric_hash_here

Press DELETE. You should get a “success” message. You’ll have to repeat for any other whitelisted entries you want gone.

Hope this helps.

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I wish I had caught you. I’m very very close to releasing a new app / device drivers that has no lag at all. It is a complete rewrite of the code, so it requires uninstalling and reinstalling your lights. It will also incorporate native Hue Hub scheduling - which will allow for a really cool trick. So if you’re still interested, wait a day before making any additional time investment on the current HLGS app.


Can’t wait (10 chars)

any update? Waiting impatiently :slight_smile:

I’ll release a “beta” version tonight. I say “beta” because although the basic bulbs, groups, and scenes functionality is there, I’m still having a devil of a time adding some of the new additional features. Will also release a DTH for the bridge, bulbs, lux bulbs, groups, lux groups, scenes, and something I call QuickFix (which uses the Hue hub scheduling to adjust the color & level settings within 1 second of physical power).

The code was completely overhauled from the older ST service manager model to the current one. Response time is super fast. You will need to uninstall your current setup, however, and start from scratch. Thus the new smartapp name.

I really wanted to wait until all of the extra functionality was finished, but I’ve seen a lot of people complain about Hues recently, so I’ll release what I have and update later.

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