[UPDATED 4/19/17] Hue B Smart (Smart and FAST Hue Lighting)

I think this may be the issue. I just installed SharpTools, and it also sees my new White bulbs as “Lux” bulbs. I’ll try uninstalling everything and reinstalling this later tonight.

I hope it works this time, because uninstalling and then reconfiguring all these bulbs is a complete PITA. :slight_smile:

Any plans to add other HUE lights? Doesn’t seem to work for the downlight hues :frowning: Added my other bulbs ok, lists these downlights but I can’t add them. These worked ok in your previous app.

Log error when I click add bulb and select the downlight…
physicalgraph.app.exception.UnknownDeviceTypeException: Device type ‘Hue B Smart White Ambiance’ in namespace ‘info_fiend’ not found. @ line 401

Downlight I am using is below

Change line 401 in your smart app locall to.

def d = addChildDevice(“info_fiend”, “Hue B Smart Ambiance Bulb”, devId, bridge.value.hub, [“label”: b.name])

I think Tony is on holiday at the moment so I’m sure he will correct in the GitHub version when he returns.

Great that fixed it, thanks for such a quick reply.
Off to play now. I have been looking forward to multiple hub support.

Ok, so I was able to add all my lights, groups, and scenes after including the Lux DTH files.

But, none of this makes much sense.

  1. I now have all sorts of duplicate scenes (for example, I had one named “Dimmed” for each room in the Hue app… and now I have 5 named “Dimmed” just lumped together, along with all groups, bulbs, and other scenes.

  2. The scenes have a “PUSH” button, that appears to do nothing. Actually, I can’t make them do anything at all.

  3. The Groups have the exact same button as the bulbs, so I can’t tell them apart if they are named the same as a bulb. Also, since these were rooms in the Hue app, and ST has it’s own rooms… why do I need them?

  4. I pressed flash on one of the bulbs, and it started flashing. BUT… I couldn’t stop it no matter what. Even turning the light off didn’t stop it.

  5. I deleted the flashing bulb, but now I can’t figure out how to add it back. The Hue B Smart app doesn’t seem to search for new bulbs once initial setup is finished.

Blehhh… this is a huge headache just to be able to switch to preset scenes in ST.


Figured out how to add the bulb back, but can’t make them stop flashing…even if I close the app and try controlling them from Hue. I have to delete the bulb and re-add it to stop the flashing.

OK - think I can see what’s going on.

Firstly - change line 401 in your smartapp to:
def d = addChildDevice(“info_fiend”, “Hue B Smart Ambiance Bulb”, devId, bridge.value.hub, [“label”: b.name])

Secondly - In the IDE/My Devices.
Go down the list of installed bulbs and make sure any White Ambience Bulbs are set to “Hue B Smart Ambiance Bulb” not a LUX bulb.

Any groups containing Ambiance Bulbs should be set to “Hue B Smart Group”

That should sort out the adding of the lights, scene buttons not working properly and solve the constant flashing issues.

I’ve renamed the groups in Hue before importing into Hue B Smart - but you can just rename in ST. To find out which “dimmed” refers to which room you can look at the bulb numbers in ST.

The dimmed groups when viewed in the ST smartphone app will display (just above the action buttons) the light numbers in that group, then by looking at My Devices you can see the NetworkID of the bulb, this will end in a bulb number/s. If you groups are room specific just matching one number to a bulb will identify the room it belongs to.

Sounds like a bit of work I know but the app is worth it compared to stock.


Thanks Matt, but honestly I don’t know if it’s worth the trouble to go through all of it again. I installed Smart Lights and wired it up in some creative ways with IFTTT and some virtual switches, and it does what I need… except the color rendering is all out of whack. It’s always something. :slight_smile:

I have 10 of the new A19 white bulbs (the $15 ones), and one of the A19 color and white bulbs ($49). I noticed that even the Hue hub itself still refers to the new bulbs as Lux lights for some reason. And when I didn’t have the Lux DTH libraries installed, Hue B Smart wouldn’t work at all.

I’m about ready to say f it and go back to the light switches I’ve used for 50 years. :slight_smile:

just wanted to say great app and thanks for all the work you put into it.

wondering if anyone can help. i have the hue gen1 led strips. ST finds them fine and i can turn them on/off dim etc. however the colour wheel doesnt seem to change the colour. any ideas?

the hue and sat sliders work fine also.

I am having trouble changing the color of my Hue light strip, when i try and set a color via CoRE it just fails to change colour although it will dim or turn on/off no issue - am i missing something?

This app and device handler work great for me! A nice step up from Oh My! in terms of speed and reliability.

My only thought of how it could improve would be to make the bulbs refresh their status more quickly after a scene has been activated.

Thanks for your hard work infofiend!

Hi Tony.

Getting an error on refresh with the Bloom devices.

They operate ok as far as I can see,

15:33:24: trace Hue B Smart Bulb: updateStatus ( colormode:xy )
15:33:24: trace Hue B Smart Bulb: updateStatus ( effect:none )
15:33:24: trace Hue B Smart Bulb: updateStatus ( xy:[0.4579, 0.4167] )
15:33:24: error groovy.lang.GroovyRuntimeException: Ambiguous method overloading for method java.lang.Integer#div.
Cannot resolve which method to invoke for [null] due to overlapping prototypes between:
[class java.lang.Character]
[class java.lang.Number] @ line 515


I have removed and re-added the Hue B Smart app and DTH’s, readded my hub and brought one light ( LED strip ) into ST and still can not change the colour using CoRE (Stock Hue connect works fine on same bulb ) - no errors in the IDE at all that I can see - Does anyone have any suggestions of where I can look for errors or something to troubleshoot? I really want to be able to use my scenes with ST

Hi Jay

In the IDE > My Devices - which DTH is your LED strip using?

They should be using the Hue B Smart Bulb DTH,

I have 3 LED strips - 2 LightStrips and 1 Lightstrip Plus - all change colour ok for me.

Jay - I’ve just tried a quick DO piston in CoRE to check out that the colour changes happen via core not just via scene - I can confirm that the lights do change colour using core - I’m using the SetHue100 function with saturation and level.

Thanks, my strip is using the same DTH as you, I was using the stock “Set color” function in CoRE, can you screenshot the rule you setup in your DO piston and i will copy and see what happens

Hi Jay.

I have the same issue. If you look at post #146 above ([UPDATED 4/19/17] Hue B Smart (Smart and FAST Hue Lighting)) I think we need to wait for the set Color function to be re-added in the device handler. I could be mis-interpreting that, though.

Ah this makes alot of sense as color changing works on other smart apps, but this is the only one that seems to work with Scenes, hopefully set colour comes back soon! Thanks

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I could not get the SmartApp to discover the bridge, so I deleted all Hue bulbs and the Hue bridge device and started over. The SmartApp seems like it is unable to discover hue devices now. Not sure if this is related to clearing things out before, or this is a new problem. Log below. Anything stick out that could be the problem?

ca2518b9-43b1-4236-9496-c105e5edbde5 4:52:42 PM: error java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
ca2518b9-43b1-4236-9496-c105e5edbde5 4:52:42 PM: debug schCommand =
ca2518b9-43b1-4236-9496-c105e5edbde5 4:52:42 PM: trace schedules k=3 and v=[localtime:2016-10-14T18:15:00, recycle:false, time:2016-10-14T23:15:00, status:disabled, created:2016-10-14T12:47:07, description:L_07_RrXMs_03, autodelete:false, name:Evening, command:[body:[:], address:, method:GET]]
ca2518b9-43b1-4236-9496-c105e5edbde5 4:52:41 PM: debug *********** 50dgU8ROUa9zbwXt3bGM4y-Os2ihb08SaEwVKnbu ********
ca2518b9-43b1-4236-9496-c105e5edbde5 4:52:41 PM: debug Bridge discovering all items on Hue hub.


I’m back from vacation. I will re-add the setColor function tonight. Thanks for your patience. Special thanks to @mattjmiddleton for holding the fort while I was away.



I was able to add all of my bulbs apart from my White Ambiance Bulbs (5 of them) was constantly told I wasn’t authorised to add them.
Looked at the live logs and it said “Hue B Smart White Ambiance” wasn’t found in the namespace. So I copied “Hue B Smart Ambiance Bulb” and renamed it to “Hue B Smart White Ambiance” and all seems to work now. I might be missing something as am very new with SmartThings still.