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[UPDATED 4/19/17] Hue B Smart (Smart and FAST Hue Lighting)


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@blong right I have worked out setTo2Group(s) doesn’t turn the lights on or change the level, now this is a feature some people might be using. So I have made a setTo2GroupsOn command if you dont pass a level using CoRE or webCoRE it will default to 100 but here is a example setting it too 55

Pass two integers is the following order Group ID then Level like so

I havent seen how this works as I’m at work hopefully it isnt turning on then applying the scene as there will be a small window the group will be the previous settings before the scene change kicks it, there is away around it by sending the command in two parts will test when I get home and add to git when I’m happy

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So I took the bull by the horns this morning and almost 4 hours later and I have Hue B Smart working again.
To uninstall, you have to:
(a) Remove the Hue lights from webCore
(b) After removing them from webCore, I was able to delete the lights one by one in the Mobile App, despite they being associated with some other smart apps like SmartTiles.
Once you have deleted every Hue light (from the Things category in the Mobile App), you can delete the Hub from the Hue B Smart app.
Once that’s been removed, the app disappears from the list of installed Smart Apps and you can then add it back from “My Apps”. (You’ll have to re-authorise the Hue B Smart App on the Hue Bridge by pressing the button on the bridge).
Then comes the tedious process of going into each of your webCore pistons (and other apps which make use of your Hue lights) to re-add the particulars lights. In case such a disaster may strike me again in future, I have not added the Hue Lights back to the pistons. I created global variables for groups of Hue lights (setting the variables up as Physical Devices) and from now on, will be using the Global Variables in the Pistons as opposed to the actual lights. Adding (or removing) the lights from the Variables once set up this way will take a few minutes as opposed to the hours it took me this morning. I just hope webCore will deal with the lights via the variables as efficiently as when the physical Hue lights are used in the piston. I’m somewhat concerned that I’ve created groups of lights. If using groups pose a problem, I will create global variables for each of the individual Hue Lights because even having to remove/add the different lights to the Global Variables, will be faster than having to open each piston one by one.

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I’m sorry you had to do it but something in a previous version of the original code must of broken it and I couldn’t work out what it was. I can assure you the App and bridge code will not be changed unless a bug is found.

Thats my plan this week to modify my pistons to the same setup.

I have setup groups of temperature, lux and humidity sensors and it works fine

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Thanks for the advise:

I have discovered that one does not need to know the actual GroupID see below working code in WebCoRE:

It works!!!

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Does it turn them on? most of my scenes are just levels for mini groups in the room so the feature isn’t much use as I mainly have Lux groups. If you have white ambience or colour bulbs throughout your house its a good feature

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Yes, it turns them on for me and transitions by predefined states. I have already designed my scenes to turn on, set transition time, brightness, and xy value. Works exactly as intended. In fact, it makes sense to me that this function would only use one parameter bacause anything different you would simply make 2 calls (one to activate scene, and a second Group object to adjust state). The whole point of a scene is to set a predefined group of lights at once. I would leave it as is.

Edit: Yes, I have hue color all throughout house. It would make sense that you’re not able to see the big advantage of setting a single broad scene, and then breaking functional areas of home into groups if only using lux or white ambiance bulbs…


I’ve combed through this thread but it’s hard to follow with all the posts and the fork last month. If this problem exists, I’m sorry to bring it up again. Search didn’t return anything.

Everything installed, smart app never finds my bridge. In Live Logging, the bridge device shows this message:

debug Unrecognized messsage: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<root xmlns="urn:schemas-upnp-org:device-1-0">
<friendlyName>Philips hue (</friendlyName>
<manufacturer>Royal Philips Electronics</manufacturer>
<modelDescription>Philips hue Personal Wireless Lighting</modelDescription>
<modelName>Philips hue bridge 2015</modelName>

Edit: Got it working. I didn’t delete each hue bulb individually from the default LAN connect, I just deleted the hub. Once I added the hub and lights back in through Super LAN Connect, then deleted each bulb, then deleted the hub, it worked.

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Looks like I’m back to square 1. Similar symptoms as before, although somewhat different:
I cleared my Hue B Smart installation and did a fresh install.
New installation discovered all lights, groups and scenes fine - selected all lights and groups (rooms) and about 4 scenes.
After about two days, I added a scene with the official Hue App and two groups with Hue Pro. (Which I uploaded to the Hue Bridge).
Opened up the Hue B Smart to import the new scenes and groups. It shows the previously discovered bulbs/scenes/groups (previously, before the re-install, it would not even get to this point.)
Clicked on “Refresh discovered items” and as before, I get the spinning circle for a few minutes until it stops, displaying about 2/3 of a circle - the app then either hangs, causing even the ST app to crash, or it returns to the discovered items page, with nothing new added.
To check my setup, I went to and manually installed al the DH’s and the App to make sure I’m using the latest versions:
However, after doing that, if I use github integration to check if my stuff is up to date with this setting:

I get this:

Is this because I manually updated the code?

As far as my recurring issue is concerned - is anyone else using Hue Pro to create scenes and groups and to upload those to the Hue bridge? Could it be that Hue B Smart doesn’t like that? (I use Hue Pro to set up groups because it allows me to add the same bulb to different groups, e.g. bulb A can be part of group “Bedroom” and bulb B can be part of group study, but both of them could also be part of a large group called “Upstairs”. As you know, the official Hue app doesn’t allow that.

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Any errors in IDE Logs when you search?

a extra space or a return is all the difference needed to cause a conflict

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No errors whatsoever. I’ll attempt to run the discovery from another device and let you know if it makes any difference.

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if no errors change your bridge DH to the one from the logging branch and you will hopefully get a error so we can get to the bottom of this

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Something funny is going on with my setup. Ready to check the log, I did a “refresh discovered items” and it worked without an issue. I added the 2 new scenes. Afterwards tried the refresh again and again it worked fine.
This morning, I tried it at leat 5 times and every time it failed. I restarted the app; my mobile; the ST hub - nothing would work.
I’ll try to check the logs in future whenever I run a discovery to catch any error messages in case it fails again.


FWIW–I use Hue Pro created scenes with @tmleafs branch and haven’t run into a problem although I haven’t added a new scene or group in awhile. The only annoying thing I’ve had to deal with is that all the Hue Pro scenes have “Hue Pro Scene” prefix when imported and I have to manually change each one to eliminate it.

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Cheers for the information

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Since updating to the latest version, my bulbs state never updates in the smartthings app when turned on or off from external means (hue dimmer, hue app). I tried to changing the smartapp to runEvery1Minute(doDeviceSync) but still no update even after waiting 20 minutes. Can anyone offer any advice?

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go to the Smart Hue App then the bridge and then press done this should subscribe the device to do the devicesynce if still not working go to the bridge device in ST then press the gear cog in the top right then press done.


Single bulbs in webcore can be faded in and out over time by an emulated command. Scenes and groups don’t seem to have this option. Is this something that can be added in the Hue B Smart DTHs?

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I see the option in webcore for groups. Wont be possible for scenes, but you could just select the bulb(s) or group(s) that are in the scene and fade them after turning on the scene

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Can I have some help getting this working please? I have removed my bridge and lights from Smarthings but can’t seem to get Hue B Smart to link to my hub. When linking I get "you are not authorized to perform the requested action. Thanks in advance.

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You need to be using this code and if you are I will need to see what IDE Log is saying.