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[UPDATED 4/19/17] Hue B Smart (Smart and FAST Hue Lighting)


(Eric) #548

This might be a good time to move to webCoRE at the same time.

(Hendre) #549

:innocent: I am already using webCore.

(Stacy Butera) #550

Was just reading through all the posts that I missed. I’ll try to find some time to move over to the forked code from @tmleafs. I’m going to try to update repo details and see if that works otherwise it will be a manual move.

Thanks for stepping in. We rely on this app heavily in my household :slight_smile:

(Stacy Butera) #551

Actually figured I’d make the time to move over to @tmleafs code. Works great for me. I ended up copying your code manually and pasting over what I had and saved. Worked fine. I was also able to go into the menu and set transition times, which I’ve now got at 2. So far looks good. I’ll post any issues or such that I run into, but I don’t expect I will …

So only question … can someone tell this dummy how I can setup to have this code pulled from Repo?



I’ve been using @tmleafs fork for a couple of weeks I think. Everything has been working fine, eventhough I really haven’t had a reason to test deleting and re-adding a hub or devices.

( #553

did you have the original code pulled by repo?


Here you go Stacy

(Stacy Butera) #555

No I didn’t

(Stacy Butera) #556

Hmm yeah no idea what that could be … Here is what I have … I’m assuming I’d have to delete and start fresh to add the repo…


Do you already have GitHub setup in your IDE to be able to Update from Repo?


You won’t have to delete anything in order to update in the future. You do have to have a GitHub account setup, and then enable GitHub in your IDE and then add TMLeafs repository, and then you will update each of those apps / device handlers to point to the repository at the end.

If you have never setup a GitHub account, here is the documentation to create an account and how to enable and link things in ST IDE.

(Stacy Butera) #559

Thanks @WB70


My pleasure.

After you get everything all setup and the repository created in IDE, if you need any help manually updating each of the apps and device handlers that you manually created earlier, it’s a pretty simple process to perform that. I won’t burden you with that here tho. It’s enough steps to get GitHub all setup. But once you do, it will make your life 100x easier when creating or updating apps.

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Updated to new ST Colour (Yes the correct way to spell it :grin:) Standard


Lol! Po-tay-to - Po-tah-to

Even before colour, these go back even further: Colur, culoure, and coolor.

Damn Americans and our English!

Thanks for getting the changes in. Much appreciated!

(Stacy Butera) #563

@WB70 All good. I knew I had Github integration setup for a different SmartApp that I no longer use. It’s just been a long time and looking at the documentation you linked jogged my memory. Didn’t have to change a thing, just setup tmleafs repository and synced.


Outstanding! Life is simple again :slight_smile:

(Stacy Butera) #565

YES!!! Thank goodness! LOL :slight_smile:

(Bryan) #566

@tmleafs, Is there any way to pass a scene to a group? For example, if I have already created a scene named “Dusk” that includes livingroom lights (and all other lights in my home) can I call a subroutine such as:

setGroup ( existingScene )

This would allow me to only apply changes to a specific group verses all lights within that scene. The only other alternative that I can see is to create a new scene which does the same thing, but only include the group I need.

I know that this can be accomplished in the Philips Hue API, but not sure if this is implemented in this Smart App. I would like to use this function in WebCoRE; it would be super efficient! Hope I’ve explained this well enough…

Philips Hue API Reference:

2.5. Set group state
URL /api//groups//action
Method PUT
Version 1.0
Permission: Whitelist

Example API call:
“on”: true,
“transitiontime”: 400
"scene": “my_scene_id”

By the way… Thank you for keeping this awesome app alive!

( #567

The feature is there but I have never got it too work.

Its not under the group light, you select the scene in webcore and then tell it the group

Never had the time to play with this but it would reduce the amount of scenes I have in ST and if we get it working I can add it too the group DH but then you would need to know the scene ID and not the Group ID.

Need to get a Wiki going don’t we!