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[UPDATED 4/19/17] Hue B Smart (Smart and FAST Hue Lighting)



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(Jason) #509

I am good I got it back to an old vesion that works fine for me. See what happens when you mess with something that isn’t broke, lol.


At least the apps aren’t messing with nuclear codes

(Jason) #511

You are watching to much designated survivor, lol.


Haven’t watched a single episode. Too much other crap on my DVR to keep up with as it is.

(Hendre) #513

Could someone please explain to this idiot how to use this app?
I’ve installed it some time ago, after removing the Philip Hue App and lights. I managed to add all the lights, but no scene and groups (rooms). I can’t remember how I did that.
I’m trying to add scenes and groups as well, but can’t figure out how.
I’ve gone into the app > Hue Bridge and then I get to a screen with a message “Discovering bulbs, scenes, schedules and groups” with a circle spinning above that.
Is something supposed to happen after this? I’ve left it for more than 15 minutes like that, but nothing happens any further.
My mobile’s screen timed out a few times and eventually, when opening it again, the wheel stopped spinning. Still nothing.
I subsequently went into Things and pressed “Find new things” to see if it would not add the scenes that way, but no luck.
Where should I find the scenes / groups?


949BFN - are you using TMLeafs code at?

This is the version which is currently working; not the code at the top of the page.

Hope this helps.


TMLeafs - I have updated to the latest version and it now works a treat with updates to groups etc. Thank you yet again!

(Hendre) #516

Thanks, I’m sure I am. To make sure I’ve got the latest version, I replaced the coding of my installed with the code in your link, but I get the following error when saving the change:

org.codehaus.groovy.control.MultipleCompilationErrorsException: startup failed:
script14960833315031911141001.groovy: 20: expecting anything but ‘’\n’’; got it anyway @ line 20, column 32.
namespace: "info_fiend,

1 error

Can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.

I considered deleting the app to do a fresh install, but I’m worried that I’ll be losing all my lights and it is going to take days to update all my webCore pistons if I’ll have to update the lights.


Add a " after "info_fiend, and it should work a treat.

(Hendre) #518

Thank @WBM, that was it. I’m going to try out the updated app, although I’m not sure if what I’m doing is the correct way of going about adding scenes.

(Hendre) #519

No luck - this is what i get when “Discovering bulbs, scenes, scedules …” Blue cirlce spinning without anythin further happening.

I suppose at this point, it should list the devices it has discovered?

Just to make sure - I only had to update the smart app to @tmleafs version? The Device Handlers stay remain those of info-fiend?


You need to update everything, including device handlers. Then shout what happens. Fingers crossed!

(Hendre) #521

I appreciate your patience @WBM!

I did not see the DH on github, but after looking carefully, I got hold of them and manually installed them one by one.

The app however displays the same behaviour as before. I’m worried that if I uninstall the app, I’ll lose all my lights and my webCore pistons using Hue Lights will all have to be set up again.

Don’t know why the White Ambience light DH is shown in red. I definitely update the DH (actually twice to make sure)

( #522

You need to post logs from the app and bridge while its searching can take upto 5mins though should only be 30secs

( #523

For some reason info_fiends git has two white ambiance DH’s theres no difference in them. One day I will make a White Ambiance group

(Hendre) #524

The log gets very large very quick. Do I simply copy from the logging page and paste the result here? Is there any private information which I should remove and if so, how do I go about that?

Also, I’m still not sure where to find the scenes, schedules etc once they have been added. Should they be listed as part of the discovery process of the Hue B Smart app (remember, I never get past the spinning blue circle in the right-hand upper corner of the discovery page), or should I look somewhere else?

(EinarS) #525

@tmleafs maby of topic, but might be the solution to another issue :slight_smile:

ST App or automation reflects in ST and HUE at once.
HUE app or HUE buttons actions takes minutes to reflect in ST.
Does this app poll the HUE hub or cloud, and maby speed up the status updates when it happens on the HUE side?

( #526

The hue bridge only allows information to be pulled and not pushed. Currently this app polls for information every 5 mins which is the same as the Official Hue Connect App for SmartThing.
My advice is don’t use the hue app use ST App or something like ActionTiles then the change is happening on ST straight away. I have the dimmer buttons around the house the’re used as a backup as every door has a contact sensor and room has motion so are rarely used.

People have been asking for a push feature for years.

( #527

You can PM me the information if you like

Everything will be shown once its discovered