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[UPDATED 4/19/17] Hue B Smart (Smart and FAST Hue Lighting)


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Well as long you’re not using multiple Hue Hubs there’s no reason not to switch to my fork though I will be updating it tomorrow to include the group updating the individual lights and less debug information.

On tuesday or wednesday my spare hub should turn up so I can fix the hub install and hopefully get multiple hubs working again so even I can run my fork fully

Once I have all that working I will re-release the code so people can add to github. Though I doubt much will change after that unless bugs are found


OK–I switched to your branch. Pretty seamless actually–all I had to do was change the repository branch owner to yours. Then basically just update local code with ones in your repository, and everything seems to work fine.

But the logs has gotten a lot more “chattier.” But it did eliminate that “7:52:07 AM: error java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1 @ line 1393…” that I was getting.

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My testing bridge has arrived I will hopefully have a update in the next few days with far less logs

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Just wanted to chime in after installing your branch! I was on the verge of uninstalling this app because it was so unresponsive. I decided to give your fork a try and I am very glad that I did! I can now use my hue system (over 50 bulbs, switches, sensors) with WebCore! Thanks for making this app even better than before! Great Job!

(Jason) #492

@tmleafs Hello, I hope all is well. I wanted to give you an update. So I have finally gotten all of the github integration fixed. One thing I did notice is that the SmartApp is listing correctly, 1st screen shot. But the DTH are a little weird, 2nd screen shot. on the SmartApp it looks like you changed the name space but did not do it on the DTHs. So my smartapp shows Tmleafs - Hue B Smart, but the DTH show infofiend - Hue B Smart. Will you be updating this on the next round? Also, the transition time on my DTH is now correct and showing 2.

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Done also less logging from the bridge now

(Jason) #494

ok, everything worked except for the Hue B Smart Bridge, I got this error

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Try now …

(Jason) #496

Well now we have problems, groups and scenes are not working
Log shows everthing as group zero.

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Have undone the changes

(Jason) #498

Now having all kinds of issues, group will turn on but not off. Errors on my iris.


Don’t want to sound like I’m asking for the world, but can we get all the DTHs updated with the new background color 00a0dc being used by ST today. The green looks really clunky.

I already manually updated mine, but I’m hoping this isn’t a big ask so that I don’t have to manually change these everytime I update a DTH in the future.

Just my 02. Thoughts?

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well this is just mad all we changed was the namespace

(Jason) #501

The lights are working but the scenes and groups are not. When they do work it takes 3 minutes or more to turn on a light from the group.

(Jason) #502

Any suggestions, screen shot shows scene for group zero.

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I cannot recreate this, I changed all the namespaces to tmleafs and it still works. Also the Group 0 is the default group it will only change if you use core or webcore to set the group

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This error is pointing to Colour Temperature as that is what is on Line 631 for coloured groups

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ok, I know you don’t want to hear this but I just reverted back to infofiend’s version before he broke it and now everything is working again. I have been doing this at work so kinda hard to look at the camera and see if the lights are doing what they are supposed to. I will try again tonight and report back. I just need to make sure i have working lights when the wife gets home or I might has well go live in a cave, lol.

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wow thats strange I will change github back to the way it was before today’s changes

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Check the PM.