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[UPDATED 4/19/17] Hue B Smart (Smart and FAST Hue Lighting)



If he gets your Transition Time issue dialed in, I may remove everything this weekend and try again now that it looks like all of the major issues have finally been resolved. This all started with you way back when :slight_smile:


Thanks for the information, looks like I got job this weekend. Fingers crossed, wife said “lets go back to Wink i like the icon better”. Putting racing stripes on a chevy geo doesn’t make it faster…


It does if there are more people behind pushing it and it’s going down hill

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Oh, I remember. I am still curious what happened to infofiend?

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I don’t understand where the - - are coming from it should say “transitiontime is” at least

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I did not do a research of my devices with the bridge, I only updated the DTH, could that be it?

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@AndyWak @mejifair @WBM

Are any of you getting the transition time display bug that @jasonrwise77 is getting I can’t reproduce it even when adding new bulbs

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If you have more than one hub and want to do a fresh install please do but copy everything from live logging while installing and any errors.

I have just broken my two hub setup when moving to my fork today

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I can confirm I’m not getting the transition time display bug. I’m on IOS though.


@tmleafs That may be the getCommandData() changes. It definitely would cause problems with multiple hubs. The IP and user were not getting initialized on the bridge. The update to getCommandData() gets those from the state of the smart app which will not handle multiple hubs It needs a better fix for the bridge initialation. Sorry. The old code probably worked once the bridge(s) initialized, but the bridge initialization wasn’t setting the IP and user.

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Yup that is correct

I have managed to fix my setup by modifying the bridge for manual input

Now that I cant break my setup I will work out a fix


One very minor niggle is that if you switch the light on or off with a group, the status of the individual lights remains off or on and vice versa but aside from this is all working extremely well and quickly to all your credit.

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Yea it has to wait till the next sync which is every 5 mins so most of the time it will be less. I believe infofriend has solved this in his latest version I will look into it once I have solved the multiple HUB problem

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Update I have fixed the updating of individual lights when a group is turned off or on - The reason I removed it was if you didnt have all the bulbs from a group it would error but I have also been able to fix that - Haven’t uploaded it to github yet

Hue Bridge Just won a Hue bridge on ebay for £20 pounds so will be able to test everything except a fresh install in the future


Disregard. I figured it out. After discovering my bridge I went back to things and added a new thing and then my bridge was there so I saved. Then went back into HBS and the devices were all found. You seriously have to select each bulb, each scene, each everything to add in? Lol omg. Now I need to figure out how all those pieces showing up in thing now work. Gotta love not having any documentation to support everything from day 1.

Anyway thanks again tmLeafs for getting this thing working. Much appreciated.

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How many Bulbs, Groups, Scenes do you have?

Out of my 13 Groups I add 10 of them
Out of my 33 bulbs I add only 4

Your really want everything added then go through them all and delete ones you dont need?


I think @infofiend had some personal issues that kept him off this DTH development for about three weeks a month and a half ago. He may be gone this time for awhile.

@tmleafs–Thanx so much for stepping in! I have not switched to your branch yet since I haven’t needed to add devices to my Hue hub yet. But I was wondering if you’re able to help decipher this error (every five minutes–the polling interval) in the Bridge DTH log:

8:07:07 AM: error java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException 8:07:07 AM: trace Bridge discovering all items on Hue hub. 8:02:07 AM: error java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException 8:02:07 AM: trace Bridge discovering all items on Hue hub. 7:57:07 AM: error java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException 7:57:07 AM: trace Bridge discovering all items on Hue hub. 7:52:07 AM: error java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1 @ line 1393 7:52:07 AM: trace Bridge discovering all items on Hue hub.

It doesn’t point to “@ line 1393” all the time, but maybe once every six to ten times.

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Are you running the latest original version?


That’s one of the issues with the getCommanData() function. It’s trying to get a device, but the bridge initialization calls it without a device (no “/” in the id).


Yes–the latest from @infofiend linked via GitHub.