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[UPDATED 4/19/17] Hue B Smart (Smart and FAST Hue Lighting)


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I Believe it would be tmleafs Hue_B_Smart master

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I’m watching a few Hue Bridges on ebay so hopefully I will be able to test myself soon trying to get one below £40 seems to be a challenge though

(Jason) #449

My Hue B Smart is working on the old code. Can I just update everything in the IDE to your code or do I have to remove everything and start over?


Hey, you are supposed to be watching those cat training videos! :slight_smile:

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the differences are

My DH’s
The fix to add new bridges and/or fresh install the app
Bug Fixed - Lights reverting to 1% brightness when turned off with transitiontime
The following is on all DH’s as infofriend only did half

  • Moved scaleLevel from HBS service manager to DTH (less network traffic)
  • Removed many log entries (log now significantly less chatty)

It should be okay to move over as the code changes wont affect you but you will have to go to each bulb and change the transition time if you have it set to anything other than 4.

If you dont want to risk it just take the bulb DH if thats all you want

I will move to the new code 2moro and test if it works

(Andy) #452

OK, so I’ve been watching this thread with interest and left my setup untouched until now. I set my Hue B Smart set up to none to clear the original github link and then added and connected it to tmleafs fork. I still had to manually overwrite the SmartApp and DTH’s though. But I am happy to report that everything is working as expected and my original scenes and lights etc are all present.

Many thanks to all you guys for your hard work and testing. :smile:

(Jason) #453

So, wanted to let you know I updated everything to your code and there was not one single issue. I like your layout of the devices, very nice job. Also, I love the less logs, way to go!!!

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Ok, just noticed 1 thing. I am changing the transition time on everything to 2 like you said, but the transition time is not showing up in the DTH screen like your screen shot above mine is just showing – any ideas?

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Can you go to your devices on the IDE and screen shot a device like so

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Here you go. Question, are you going to setup your github so we can update from repo or are you going to keep it manual?

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Does tmleafs Hue_B_Smart master not work?

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Repo is blank and I even changed the link from infofend to tmleafs, but no go. I have a feeling it has something to do with the name space. Not sure you might want to check with support.

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My knowledge of github is forking, editing and pull requests

I don’t run github in my IDE 1) its not officially out in the UK 2) Found it made the IDE terribly slow

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See if this fixes it

(Jason) #461

That did not fix the issue, same problem, screen shot below.

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Wanted you to see I have them all linked to you, but they are still blue. I was able to see in the update repo the other hue b smart DTH that i do not use, so I know it is setup correct.

I just went back after linking them and now they are all green. So there is something on your end preventing the update from repo.


So I still have the SmartApp and all the DTHs created in IDE (no I’m not deploying until we have :100: success). I had never created the repository for infofiend so my repository for the apps and handlers is blank. I went ahead and created the new repository for tmleafs and if I press update from repo for HBS, I see the Obsolete for SmartApp "info_fiend:Hue B Smart. Not going to update anything yet though :slight_smile:). Im liking the test results from everyone else so far. Waiting on Jason now, lol. There’s promise here.


Sorry if this was answered already, before I take the plunge the issue I am having with the native hue integration is the slow response - doing one light at a time. I have 4 lights come on when the door is opened (total of 33 hue devices) but by the time someone gets in and closes the door the last light is just coming on since its turning them on one at a time. I had a staples connect do this perfectly and I loved how damn fast it was. Will this app make it any faster? Thank you in advanced.

(Jason) #465

Using Hue b smart, my lights generally come on in under 1 second, depending on my own network congestion, sometimes it could be less than 2. However, I would go with this any day over the ST connect app. The connect app will not let you do groups and scenes like you can do in Hue b smart, I hop this helps.

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I updated to TMleafs new code manually on each DTH. I did not have any issues, and seems to be working much better than before. Also, there are about half as many logs as there were before.