[UPDATED 4/19/17] Hue B Smart (Smart and FAST Hue Lighting)

Nope. That was just one of my dumb mistakes. I uploaded version 1.0c of the White Ambience to GitHub that has the correct name (if you have already done so then there is no need to update).

Glad someone is continuing development of my Hue & Improved app. I really kept meaning to get back to it, but a big problem I have with this is stuff is I kinda drop it when I get it to a “good enough for me” state. Definitely going to take a look at this when I have time to redo all my Hue automations.

Do we need to switch to another branch for the setColor function? I am still learning my way around github and smartthings

Hello Jay,

I don’t see the update in github, let’s wait a few more days :slight_smile:


So I just finished reading this whole thread…wooo…If I summarize it looks like everything is working except for setColor right now ? Issues with lightstrip worked out ?

I do use CoRE but I am just starting on porting over my light automation from Smart lighting to CoRE, so I can live alittle without setColor.

One side question since the people on this thread are very familiar with custom DTH.

When I use a custom DTH for a given device, I thought that all SmartApp actions run through that DTH. But then @JayBarker 's post above, he mentioned that other SmartApps were setting color fine. Which is it ? Or is it just when your SmartApp is calling a custom function (with the house-like-icon in CoRE) ?

The SetColor function is currently not in the custom DTH at the moment, so calling the function from CoRE will not work as there is no reciprocal command for the DTH to understand…(i think!)

Tony is going to add back in and publish at some point.


Updated GitHub repo with Versions 1.3 of Hue B Smart Bulb and Group DTHs.

Changes include:

  • re-added setColor function,
  • hue slider range now 1-100,
    -DTHs now always send xy color values to Hue Hub,
  • sliders now conform to the colormode, &
  • turning colorLoop off now returns to the previous colormode and settings.



Thank you for the work you have put in with this, I am having an issue with using CoRE to set the color - I have a basic piston that is setting the level to 10% and then the color to cool white, What I expected to happen was the light would dim and then the color change but what happens is it dims and then straight away comes back on 96% bright. I have tried various combinations but it often results in the strip changing brightness

Updated GitHub repo with Versions 1.3b of Hue B Smart Bulb and Group DTHs.

Hue B Smart Bulb DTH Version 1.3b – When light is off, adjustments to hue / saturation or colorTemp (that are not accompanied by a level or switch command) will NOT be sent to Hue Hub and will NOT turn the ligh one. Instead, the DTH will save those settings and apply if light is then turned on.

Hue B Smart Group DTH Version 1.3b -- Same as Bulb, plus added notification preference.

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What is the type of light?

Update to versions 1.3b of the Bulb and Group DTHs. Let me know if you still have problem.

Thanks Tony - working perfectly!!

Awesome! Thanks.

Hello - Just updated, its a Hue Light strip. It seems to be working a lot more predictably now thanks! But one thing persists, even though the Piston is set to change the level to 10% and color to Cool white a strange thing happens if you run it twice, the first time it will work as expected, the second time it will change brightness to 96%.

I also noticed that Smart Things does not update with the current status of the lights for some time and thefore the turn off routine frequently fails for me due to ST thinking the value is currently off.

“Preventing execution of command [Hue color lamp 1].off() because current value is the same”

For info this was the piston - I set up a new routine that does nothing except trigger a piston.

Hi Jay,

To force CoRE to send the command even if it thinks the status is off, go into your piston, and down to advanced options - click “disable command optimizations” and save the piston.

CoRE should then send the command regardless of the state.


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Ah. This has solved all my problems. Appologies i wasn’t aware of this. Thank you so much

No problem at all.


Excellent - will test this when I get home.
I’ve updated the code in my IDE, do I have to drop and re-add the SmartApp or will it just update?

it just updates.

You do have to make sure you hit Publish on the new code. Just saving it won’t be enough.