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[UPDATED 4/19/17] Hue B Smart (Smart and FAST Hue Lighting)

You are pulling the antiquated code. Need to pull @tmleafs code from his GitHub. It’s somewhere in the middle of the thread.

@slagle can we get some mod support to edit the OP? The code in @infofiend 's github no longer works and it would be great for any newcomer to see @tmleafs instructions instead.


Hello. Just tried to install all of @tmleafs’ code and I’ve got the smart app installed no problem, but I am running into some problems when trying to get all the device handlers set up. I’ve created the custom device handler for the bridge, but when I edit the device type and click update, nothing changes. The device type for the bridge is still listed as LAN Hue Bridge. Hue B Smart app will not detect the bridge. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Delete your existing bridge and everything else associated. Wipe everything Hue from your ST ecosystem and then reinstall smart app and DTHs. Use the tmleafs Connect SA to set everything up.

I won’t edit someone else’s post without their permission, but, if the code doesn’t work I could close this one, and you all could create a new thread and link to it.

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I have created a new thread here [UPDATED DECEMBER 2017] Hue B Smart (Groups & Scenes)

Please close this thread

Sorry, was away for a while. Yes, I am using your version of the code, was still having issues until I made the modifications in my latest post. Attached logs.

Sorry to ask this as have already posted a similar post but with no response. I’m having a lot of problems with my Hue bulbs I was using Hue B Smart sometime ago and found suddenly my bulbs were intermittently unresponsive. I deleted my Hue devices and reset my Hue bridge to factory setting and have now reinstalled my devices (with default dh) but still have the same problems. I have contacted ST support but so far very little response. Any help would be appreciated I want to go bach to Hue B but cant get it to reinstall. I attach the logs of a device using default installation

this normally happens if theres a ghost device. If you PM me your IDE login I can take a look see if I notice anything wrong

After being on the screen that asks to press the button, I do so and then click next, however the screen is completely blank and just says “Hue B Smart” at the top.

If I click done it says “Error saving unnamed page. Please contact SmartApp Developer”

Also if I try again and press the button it sometimes pops up and says “You are not authorized to perform the requested operation”.

I’m using the newest Hue Bridge, have properly uploaded and published both the SmartApp and the Device Handlers, never had any issues like this with previous app installations.

Please seen the latest code here

Smartthings should have this integrated natively. This app/dth along with the one posted by tmleafs can be problematic.

So in an effort to get ST on it you can email (make sure you put “Feature Request” in Subject line) and tell the them you want to add groups/scenes/rooms from hue.

The more people that email this the more likely this can become a native feature

Everyone was requesting it during the last Beta firmware testing they said its in the works but bloody hell its the same as single bulb DH but in the commands instead of bulb its group should take someone at ST a days tops with testing mad its not done yet

Same thing with bluetooth. Went the way of the dodo

Can’t hurt to try

What would be the best way to remove Hue B Smart? Everything was working fine untill i bought a few new bulbs and could not add them to ST.
Ive deleted the Hue B Hub and now cannot seem to get it to work again by reinstalling. My next try would be to completely remove Hue B (smartapp+device handlers) and reinstall them and hopefully find my new bulbs aswell. But now it wont let me remove Hue B because i get the message that it is in use by 1 or more users. When i try to remove the app firstly from my smartphone it gives another error message.

You need to remove the bulbs from all your smart apps that control the bulbs examples webCoRE, Alexa, Google home, ActionTiles etc

That worked, thanks!

I realize this post is extremely old, but I’m having the same issue and am hoping you were able to figure it out. I imagine it’s something super simple and assume it’s due to the scene being attached to a specific room (8) vs (3) where I am trying to push the scene to. I’ve gone through these threads again and again with no luck.

Any help you can provide would be appreciated.

Did you manage to get round this? I’m experiencing the same problem!

If you have trouble deleting a HBS device (whether it is a bulb, group, or scene), the problem is almost certainly caused by the device still being used by another smartapp, a ST routine or scene, or by a SHM function.

To determine what’s going on, click the device in question in the ST mobile app, then go to the device’s SmartApps tab, and remove the device from all of the smartapps listed. Also check your routines and SHM. Once you have disassociated it from every thing, you should be able to remove the HBS device.

But… if you still cannot, then try this - open the IDE and go to the Devices Tab. Click on the device in question, and scroll down the device page to the “In Use By” section. Remove the HBS device from anything listed there. Again, that should do it.

Also - try deleting the device directly from the IDE if you can’t uninstall from the HBS smartapp in the ST mobile app. The IDE should provide you with the some info as to what’s going on.