Update smart lighting to add option to note state of light and return it to state after

Please update smart lighting to add option to note state of light and return it to same state after lighting fires.

This might be more applicable to Scenes, though it sometimes is hard to figure out what best belongs in a Scene or a Routine, or Smart Lighting, or a combination.

Still, this request has been made repeatedly for Scenes (even before Scenes were added to SmartThings).

And it has been repeatedly refused…
It is a challenging concept. For example, a few minimal lights are on just before Sunset and the customer activates the “Movie Watching” Scene. That dims all the lights including a path to the bathroom, etc…

When the Movie ends, it makes more sense to activate the “Prepare for Bed” Scene, rather than the “Before Sunset” Scene.

Of course, in the real world, there are plenty of situations in which “restore” lights makes sense. Perhaps you like to flare up ALL the house lights for extra security and deterrent when someone walks up the driveway at night; and then have them settle to whatever they were immediately prior (whether it be random lights, no lights 'cuz you were all in bed, or the nice Movie Scene mentioned earlier).

The above scenario is great for very short temporary scene activations … but restore light states becomes harder and less useful as more time progresses for many reasons … time of the day, number of manual light adjustments that were made, and more.

In short: SmartThing tries to avoid adding complex or ambiguous features to the App. I think they are pretty certain this is just too confusing. I disagree, but I can appreciate their perspective nevertheless.

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While SmartLighting cannot do this natively, I do this very thing using WebCore as shown in the piston screenshot below…

Basically - if its somewhat between sunset and sunrise (ie: Dark) and the door opens capture the current state of a couple lights, fade them to 100% wait a few minutes then return them to the previous state (on/off and level)

If you have not used WebCore check out


I didn’t realize you could capture a state without defining a variable. Thank you sir.


Neither did I at first … but you are certainly able to do so :smiley:

This has been working for me a while now w/out any issues

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