Update Required: New Sonos Integration

@Michael_Edmonds, I think, your best shot is to reach out to Nvidia support and ask them, when are they going to update the ST firmware part of their image.
The original Nvidia Shield version was released in 2015 and another in 2017 so it will come at EOL soon probably. Especially that they released the “new” hardware in 2019. Even the AndroidTV bit is quite cumbersome. I am surprised that it hasn’t made yet to the Killed By Google list. The AndroidTV version is (on the Nvidia Shield devices) still on Android 8.0 Oreo, what has been released in 2018. The GeForce Now program is still in free beta, after many-many years, meanwhile Google has just release the new Stadia platform.
It is probably easier to purchase a new ST Hub and stick with that, than believe in the ST WASH program and depend on a third party.

This is still my primary concern. A Thing either WWST or it does not. People are still buying the Smartthings Link and Samsung/ST are still announcing product integrations…they just forget to bother to tell you that it WWST maybe only in certain cases with certain hubs.

So while I hear you when you say just go get a V3 Hub…soon there will be V4 and…

So @BarryA while you say it is all about Nvidia, really it is not. Samsung/ST agreed to get in bed with Nvidia to sell your products. It is your product and your reputation on the line. The new Nvidia is better/faster hardware but other than that there is not much fundamentally different with the new Shield. So at the very least Barry, say what you(ST) mean, when you say WWST. Give us the caveats and let us make our own decisions.

Getting off my box now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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What you are suggesting is like blaming Google for the reason why the Nvidia Shield has only Android 8.0.2 version. You have to realize that these previous WASH (Works As a SmartThings Hub) agreements were relying in the partners effort to implement the Hub fw changes to their product. It is worrying that probably the same applies for the current WASH program too. But it is not surprising. Both the Nvidia Shield Connect and the ADT hubs are 2-3 years products and at the end of their support period.
It is just a matter of time when the v2 Hub will be excluded from FW updates too.
SmartThings builds the new platform integration for third parties on the third parties efforts. If a third party has developed an integration that has to be maintained too by the third party, by following the changes of the ST platform.
It sounds weird, but this is the model now.
But if your think of it. Do you really want to change your Hub when you change out your other equipment. Someone pointed out on a reddit topic, that do you really would like to build your network and your home automation on the same piece of equipment and stuck with that. (SmartThings Wifi Hub) The same applies for ADT, as that has reached probably EOL too. 2-3 years, that’s the standard.
(Other hand, consider that Fibaro hasn’t updated/upgraded their Hub firmware for ages. As another way to keep things working without fragmentation.)

I asked this at the WASH SDC presentation. They said the ST hub portion is now deployed in containers. So it’s possible to update independently, but they still may need to coordinate with the partner.

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The underlying Android version for SHIELD Experience 8.0 is Pie (Android 9).

Sorry, my bad. Them why it hasn’t got yet Android 10. Although it still looks like Oreo.
Anyhow you understand my point.

Reply for Nvidia Chat agent for those that are interested.

Santosh: well checking the details i see that as of now the device supports shield, Coming to the future firmware update of smart thing unfortunately we do not have any official information and we can not comment on it.

Santosh: Sorry if you felt in that way, Please allow me some time i will have this forwarded to the concerned team they will update you through Email.

If I receive an email from Nvidia I will post it. I am assuming there are many other people with the Sield using it to drive their ST setup and would like to know what the plans are.


So here is the official/unofficial response from Nvidia. To their credit they did respond. But that is about as far as the credit goes :crazy_face:

"Response By Email (Troy) (01/30/2020 02:02 PM)
Hello Michael,
We have nothing to announce at this time insofar as Smart Things hub updates for SHIELD. Thanks for your interest.

Best Regards, Troy NVIDIA Customer Care L2"

@Michael_Edmonds, you must have asked the wrong question then.

Maybe try this? -Will you ever update the SmartThings firmware of your Shield devices? :wink:

But I like their answer. “We have nothing to announce” I guess you’ve thought of that before. Hahaha…

I tried a lot of different questions and even a little begging with the Chat guy. Clearly I did not find the exact correct question to elicit a tidbit of information…no luck :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I have a Sonos Beam and could not connect to Smartthings hub v3. It was hard wired with ethernet connection.

Solution: disconnect ethernet plug. Start playing from sonos player. Start smartthings classic app. Press “Add a thing” or search for Sonos spekaer and press “connect now”. Took a couple of minutes but actually AFTER i pressed cancel/back it showed up just fine. Press “Save”

The Smartthings classic app crashes if you try to open Sonos speaker to see settings, but the NEW Smartthings app it works just fine.

Plugged ethernet plug back in and everything works perfect. Shows up as a device an can use it in automations. Fantastic!

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Is the playTrackAndResume a valid option? I assume this makes the announcement and then the speaker would resume what it was doing (like playing music)?

Unfortunately, my Sonos devices are at the office and I’ve been working from home for the past several weeks, so I don’t have a device to test with at the moment.

If I remember correctly, playTrackAndResume(uri, duration, volume) was being deprecated in favor of playTrackAndRestore(uri, level) on the new Sonos integration. There’s a bunch of other legacy / overloaded playTrack*() methods that were also deprecated as part of the changeover to the new Sonos integration.

Edit: It looks like the Audio Notification capability still has a playTrackAndResume(uri, level) as well (note the change in parameters):


Note that some of the ‘clipping’ features where the existing audio is ‘ducked’ and the desired audio file is played over the existing track is only available in the newer Sonos models (One, Beam, Amp, Play:5, Ikea speakers, etc). From what I recall, the older devices didn’t support the new audioClip feature that Sonos put out (eg. Play:1/3, Play:5 Gen 1, Playbar and Playbase). On some of these older models, SmartThings is doing some logic on the backend to stop the existing session, play the new session, then attempt to ‘restore’ the previous session to emulate the concept.

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So that’s why on my Symfonisk the playTrackAndResume and playTrackAndRestore does the same, and just reduces the current tracks volume meanwhile playing the notification.

@RBoy has seen some issues with other devices where after the Resume or Restore the volume is zeroed.

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Yes there was another user who was experiencing the same issue with only one of his units (the other was working fine). I believe that @BarryA was looking into it and may have some additional information.

Yes playTrackAndResume(uri, level) and playTrackAndRestore(uri, level) are both valid audio notification commands for Sonos WebSocket devices. In fact, they both send the same command to a Sonos player so their behavior is identical.

The old Sonos labs integration had its own custom playTrackAndResume() command that included the duration, but as @joshua_lyon mentioned it is deprecated in favor of the official Audio Notification capability command.

@joshua_lyon is right on describing the Sonos audioClip feature. Newer Sonos players that support audioClips will play the notification nicely over the currently playing media. For older speakers that do not support audioClips, the hub does have logic that will attempt to pause the current playback, load and play the notification (adjusting the volume if needed), then resume the previous content at the previous volume.

We have done our best to provide a reliable audio notification experience for the older players, but playing audio notifications with the logic described above is complex via the Sonos API and technically an unsupported operation according to Sonos. There can be instances where the player will simply refuse to resume playing content that we attempt to resume.

Below are the Sonos players that as of today (7/2/20) support audioClips and will have a very reliable audio notification experience when it comes to resuming playback.

  • Play:5 (Gen 2)
  • Five
  • One [SL]
  • Amp (newest version)
  • Port
  • Beam
  • Move
  • Arc
  • Ikea SYMFONISK Lamp and Bookshelf players

All other Sonos players do not support audioClips and unfortunately may at times may experience inconsistencies when resuming playback.

We’ve requested numerous times for Sonos to add audioClips support to their older players, especially the Play:1/3 and Playbar/base. We remain hopeful support will come in the near future.


Out of interest, do you know if you were to add 2 One SL’s to a Playbar would that enable the AudioClip function (as the SL’s will be bonded as one player)?

That is a good question, and a configuration I have not personally tried. My guess is that since the playbar is the primary speaker in the 5.1 configuration and all commands route through that speaker, it would not report to the ST hub that it supports audioClips.

One of our QA engineers has a pretty extensive Sonos setup, I can ask him to do a little investigation.


So I removed my sonos speakers from my hub.
I did try to add the speakers but step 2 there is no Sonos brand avaiable in the new Smarthings app…?

  1. From the Home screen, touch the Plus (+) icon and select Device
  2. Select Sonos
  3. Choose the Hub and Room for the device
  4. While the Hub searches, power on the speaker

Just press the + icon and do a general search, not by brand. There is button for it on the top.
If you use your Hub with a US or UK account then it will work. If you use it with a German or other account probably will not.

You need to have a v2, v3 or WiFi hub to make it work. Nvidia, v1, ADT will not work.