Update Required: New Sonos Integration

I have just migrated and also re installed my Sonos speakers today. I have two pairs of Play:1s. They show as per my Sonos app which is each pair only shows as one speaker.

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Hmmm, thank you.

I have a stereo pair. It shows as a single device in SmartThings.

I’ve also got a surround sound setup consisting of a Playbar, two Play:1 for rear channels and a Sonos sub woofer. That also shows as a single device.

Thanks all. I deleted my ‘redundant’ Sonos in ST and so far it has stayed deleted.

I have mostly older Sonos devices (1s, 5s, playbar). This new Sonos connector is creating a nightmare with all of my previously-bulletproof pistons. Issues:

  1. No more TTS. Work-around using stored audio clips hosted on my own domain.
  2. Repeats several times without reason. Does this in webcore, sharptools, and ST automations. Examples: my light will turn on, and the speaker will announce it, and 10 seconds later announce again, then 3 seconds later announce again.
  3. Will not resume play. If I’m working in my office while listening to music, and an alert plays, the music never resumes.

This is painful.


Need some help adding Sonos,


  1. From the Home screen, touch the Plus (+) icon and select Device
  2. Select Sonos (dont have)
  3. Choose the Hub and Room for the device
  4. While the Hub searches, power on the speaker

By device type > speaker > only have Bose
By Brand > Sonos > nope!

Hub V2 (euro), 3 play1

What is your Samsung Account’s country set to?

That is a very good question…

I believe it´s UK ou USA.

Where can i confirme it?


Locate its - en

You can check it in your Accounts on an Android phone, if you go to the Samsung Account details. It is listed there.

Its Portugal

That’s might be the reason.

I am tagging @BarryA, as I believe you are not the first who runs into this problem.

The previous integration was available without country limitation. Now that ST is retiring the old integration it would make sense to make the integration available for all countries as well.

Hi all, I’m very confused here, hoping someone can tell me what I need to do… I’m currently using the LAN Sonos Player DTH - everything is working fine.

Do I need to update the DTH to the websocket version now? And, if so, will my TTS WebCore variables continue to work? I have a number of automations where the text will change depending what info is captured within the variable from various sources. I take it this will still be possible via WebCores’s ‘Speak text’ command?

*EDIT - just switched to the websocket DTH and both my Sonos devices went offline in both apps until I switched back to the Lan player. So I’m guessing that you have to completely remove the speakers and start from scratch?

Many thanks for your help.

You are going to lose your WebCORE TTS. The work-around is to host an MP3 and use it. Also, “Resume” and “Restore” will no longer function - so if you use an alert and then expect Sonos music to resume, think again. The new app stuff was easy for me, this Sonos integration change has been my personal nightmare.

Thanks for the reply Bryan.

Hosting an mp3 is all well and good if it’s the same audio that needs to be reproduced each time, but is there any solution to the dynamic stuff that changes and is captured using WebCore variables just yet? I.e. TWC weather reports getting read out?

Honestly, I’m losing the will to live with ST atm… between the new app ‘migration’, the Alexa skill debacle, the fact that my Samsung cameras are about to become paperweights, losing SMS functionality (I’m in the UK) and now this… I’m trying to hang on, I really am, but this just isn’t fun anymore…


The variable TTS isn’t something I’ve used before, but I can’t imagine that could work any more since TTS only can work nativelty within the ST app now - and it is very limited as to what you can do with it (No hosted MP3s, horrible “voice” selection, limited schedule ability, etc.)

I’m with you, this one hurt. The only reason I’m staying is because of the alleged locally-based rule-engine (WebCORE alternative) coming their way soon. I’m hoping it’ll be uber-powerful. Probably shouldn’t get my hopes up though, eh?

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Thanks Bryan. It’s depressing isn’t it?

I’ve got a feeling that this is the last straw for me, the extent of work I have ahead of me trying to patch up the issues mentioned above with a gazillion ridiculous work-arounds only to then have a vastly inferior product to what I used to have, is just too much…

Hey everyone - It looks like Sonos has finally updated the rest of their products with the audioClip API! I was able to confirm with my Play:1, Play:3 and PlayBar that are on version 12.11 (build 60382080). I do not have a PlayBase, Connect Gen2 or Connect:Amp Gen2 readily available to test but I suspect those have been updated as well.

The SmartThings hub (v2/v3/SCH/ST WiFi) should automatically detect support for the audioClip API and will use that API to play notifications, resulting in a much more consistent and reliable experience.



Are you on the Sonos S1 or Sonos S2 software? Or do you think it matters?

I bought 2 connect:Amp devices from a local distributor. Unfortunately for me, one of them is an old model and it’s preventing me from running S2

Just tested this too and works great - a good stopgap for now whilst Echo Speaks gets updated (I just wish that you could get the ‘Alexa’ voice to speak the TTS requests on SONOS)

Good find!

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