UPDATE: Recent SmartThings User Experience & Platform Performance

right, but when things that are scheduled for a specific time of day aren’t actually firing in a consistent, and reliable way, one looks for other solutions. :slight_smile:

In my case, I’m quickly ramping-up my attempts to establish ‘workarounds’ for pretty much every primary part of what SmartThigns was supposedly going to do for me.

Once I actually get finished with implementing all of the necessary ‘workarounds’ that are currently in my HA environment plan, to an outsider, my system could very well look like I’m just testing out a SmartThings hub to see what it’s like. lol

Regarding mysterious repetitions…

If you look up thread, you’ll see that I have a similar issue since the March meltdown – – some events run multiple times in a row. The difference is that mine were smart lighting automations rather than routines. So it’s possible yours is a different problem than mine even though the symptom is similar.

FWIW, support told me yesterday that they have now identified the reason for the repetitions that I am seeing, and they expect to have a fix in a future hub update.

But I would definitely report yours to support@smart things.com, just in case it’s a different problem.

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Nah. I mean, she’s killed many foes in combat. Can there be any doubt about her eventual destination in the hereafter?


My Smart Alarm hasn’t been working properly recently either, not sure if ST broke it to reduce competition for their SHM or what… but it’s been running into the same issue as SHM, simply not disarming at all… it would arm perfectly fine, but not disarm. Same issues as SHM, but it’s more difficult to change since I have to run the routines again to change mode. Is there any way of changing mode w/o running any routines?

There used to be, but they removed it form the mobile app, apparently “for your convenience”. :confused:


Yes, Rule Machine (though there’s no guarantee it will be any more successful than Routines if the cause of the failure is the underlying ST infrastructure). If you mean manually change mode, then use Rule Machine with a virtual switch, with it’s action set to change mode.

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Well, actually, the modes changed, but Smart Alarm was just not registering the mode changes just like SHM wasn’t registering it. My mode changed, so the only way for Smart Alarm to disarm is to change mode to something other than Home, and then back to home to disarm… it was annoying.

I remember back in the days, ST used to allow mode changes… or at least I thought it was allowed.

Log into the API, go to locations, tap on edit, change the mode, tap update.

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You are not the only one, this has been going on for a least 16 days.

Yes. A SmartApp sends requests to HAM Bridge, which then communicates with Indigo via AppleScript. But HAM Bridge does not poll for states of SmartThings devices. So if you want to filter rules in Indigo based on SmartThings states, you would need to create a variable for each device state you want to track, and update it when events come in.

Yes, via endpoints. But Indigo can do this directly as well.

The current license is for one Mac, but I will change this to allow a second Mac as I have numerous requests. But another copy of HAM Bridge is not needed to send commands from other Macs. The whole point of HAM Bridge is to be able to contact it from practically anything. Anything that can send a simple HTTP GET (browser, terminal, automator, android or iOS device, etc.) can send commands to HB, and it then execute scripts on your Mac to control Indigo (or practically any app for that matter). In my setup, HAM Bridge executes very complex scenes with a single command, sending commands directly to my Hue lights, audio/video gear via Global Caché iTachs, and my thermostat, as well as Indigo and SmartThings.

I send commands from shell scripts, AppleScripts, Automator, and Keyboard Maestro macros from my MacBook, and from iRule and Tasker from My Android devices, as well as from SmartThings. Just put HAM Bridge on the same Mac running Indigo and you can contact them from anything on your LAN, as well as from SmartThings when you are away (without having to subscribe to Indigo’s pay tier for remote access).


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You can use SmartTiles to manually change the Mode, or Rule Machine to do it for you based on a Trigger or Rule.

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“Monitoring systems indicate that performance has improved, but we are still working to resolve issues with changing alarm states through Smart Home Monitor.”

My family, who has been woken up 3 times in the last week at 4am, would beg to differ. My alarm clock on My phone is set to disable the smart home monitor. That has failed, along with manually trying to disable when I did notice it hadn’t been disarmed. At 4am I forget I have to change to another armed mode, then disarm.

Hi, are you using rule machine?
How does your phone alarm disable the shm? Through ifttt?

You can create a rule to do this for you.

Try this…

Create a virtual momentary button tile, call it “alarm disarm”

Create this rule -
Trigger - alarm disarm: on
Actions - set alarm: disarmed

Create an ifttt recipe (or however your skating clock does it) to trigger that virtual switch via ST when your alarm goes off.

I just tested the rule by physicality triggering the switch avg it worked just fine. I recommend you try it with your clock, but not at 4am

Your are much more brave than Me. I would have uninstalled SHM after the first time, or the second at the latest.

My setup is actually very simple. I use Tasker and SharpTools. There is an event in Tasker for my alarm app, and when I dismiss my phone alarm, it triggers a mode change/routine in ST that changes the mode and disarms SHM… when its working…

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I’ve powered through this trying to not to pile on at all. It has been very disheartening as of late that things have went kinda crappy. For the most part tho, I’ver faired pretty well. I dont use a lot of complex rules or automations. Dabbling in Rule Machine at the start of this was maybe the bad thing to do. Like literally the day I installed it was the day this announcement went out. But over all most of my stuff has stayed about par for the course. My issue is that every night… no matter what… I hit ‘good night’ and then spend the next 5-10 mins hitting refresh and then off to 3-5 bulbs. Ive had not much luck with Cree bulbs as of late it seems. Also all my Cree bulbs went back to the old interface in their ‘things’ page. Is that normal? Only on the Cree bulbs. My SmartThings devices, have the new look interface to them, not the Cree devices.

Oh well, heres to hoping this gets better.

Can you set that up to run with rule machine instead of ST routines? I’ve never found the routines to be reliable. They’ve always been worse than shm for me.

You try it. Just create you routine in it.

And some people think that shitty products are justified by even shittier alternatives…


And apparently still use and comment on a forum despite feeling that way :wink:

Finally had to abandon SHM.

This week, in addition to all the other problems, when I or a routine would disarm the system, it would turn on a set of lights. So when the system disarms in the morning, light in the face.

Nothing else changes: disarm->lights. There are no routines, triggers, rules, etc to account for this change.

And now support isn’t responding when I’ve provided this information. Giving up.