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(George) #1854

Weird! I have many. Mostly Smart Lighting. Of course, I bought into that & have many of them.


To show up on the list:

  • you must sign into the same server that your account uses. Otherwise you will get a completely blank list. The community created wiki has all the different URLs:

  • The specific smartapp (in this case smart lighting) must be tagged for local operation in your account

  • The specific smart lighting automation must use only devices on the locally eligible devices list for your account

So if you set up a smart lighting automation but you use it to control Phillips hue bulbs, it won’t show up on the list of what your own hub is running locally because the hue bulbs are not eligible to run locally.

If you have installed smart lighting, but you haven’t created any individual automations, nothing will show up on the list of what your own hub is running locally for smart lighting. Because each automation has to be individually evaluated based on the devices that it uses.

If you had set up a smart lighting automation to use locally eligible devices, but you had a problem before and support moved that automation to the cloud, it won’t show up on the local list anymore.

So there are multiple reasons why you might have smart lighting but nothing shows on your local list.

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Thanks for the info JDRoberts… Is there a specific way to tag eligible smart apps to run locally? I’ve looked in the IDE and the app and I don’t see anything. I’m using linear switches for my zwave automation.

Oh wait… I’m also hub v1. Are automations not able to run locally at all for v1?

(Andreas A.) #1857

No - local processing only works on hub v2

(Bob Barnard) #1858

As a newby and not a hobbiest for SmartThings, I would really like to see a “Smartthings Forum” operated by Smartthings. The community has fine folks with very good suggestions, but there are others as well. It seems like an unreal amount of replies, many start new subjects and ramble on. This makes it very difficult for us folks who don’t have a great amount of time to figure out how to do something.

So that is my my 2 cents worth.


Correct: only hub v2 can run anything locally. All v1 operation is in the cloud.

As for tagging what is eligible to run locally, only SmartThings themselves can do it and it’s a very short list because under their current architecture everything that can run locally gets pushed out in firmware to every single hub v2 customer in the region. So all US v two customers or all v2 UK customers. it requires a hub firmware update. This is why the list is so short.

Smartthings support can tag one of your locally running smart apps (for now, basically just smart lighting automations that only use local devices) and have it run in the cloud, which they do sometimes when they get a weird error that they can’t figure out. It’s not clear whether they can then ever send it back to running locally or not, or whether it can be done in a future firmware update. I just don’t know on that one.

Anyway, if you want to see more detailed discussion of local processing, there’s a good topic in the developer section of the forum:

(George) #1860

In my example, they moved them to the cloud. denied they could assign them. But, they are back.
Maybe they never moved them. Maybe one of the very diligent folks did it themselves. No way of knowing.

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(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #1861

Please tell me that’s a joke… You’re kidding right? Please oh please tell me you’re kidding.

Here, this thread will help… It explains everything.

(Bobby) #1862

When ‘they’ moved mine to the cloud, all they did is rename the device handler. To make Smart Lighting run local all I had to do, was to pick the local eligible handler again in ide…

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #1863

@SBDOBRESCU you should get paid for doing their job!

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(George) #1864

I do get the perspective. I wish the community of communities (on all the subjects I’m interested in anyway), especially the top folks who know all and spend SO much time helping would instead, keep up a wiki and just point to it. A wiki is a much more efficient method to keep, find and reuse the body of knowledge. It’s the instant gratification of writing a quick note that causes us all to spend probably twice the time here!

(Nomis R) #1865

So, on the subject of Local Access, I have some monoprice motion sensors that I would like temp sensor ability, the problem is, if I use custom device, I lose the local ability, if I have use it as a zwave sensor, I lose the temp and battery, is there one that works as local with both battery and temp indicator?


SmartThings has a community-created wiki! New contributors are always welcome! :sunglasses:

(DLee) #1867

I migrated to Hub v2 over the weekend. When I came home yesterday my den lights wouldn’t turn on with motion. Updating Smart Lighting app didn’t fix. Moving to Lighting Director did fix.

Then I realized my Away mode smart lighting power allowance smartapp was turning off the lights ever 7 minutes even though I was in home mode. I had to remove that locally running smartapp to get the lights to stay on when in home mode.

Then this morning my den lights kept turning off again. This time my Night mode power allowance was executing even though I was in Home mode.

Conclusion, the local hub thinks it’s still in night mode, or at least the locally running apps are not recognizing the right mode state. But the location did indeed switch to mode=Home as seen in mobile app and reported in Notifications history when mode changing routines successfully run. Switching to cloud based smartapps avoids these failures.

(George) #1868

I just ripped the freakin’ wires out.
I work from home
Mode = Home
SHM going off, texts, lights.
Mode = Home… Mode = Home…

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(Never Trust @bamarayne) #1869

That’s aweful.

I feel you. I think if there was a better consumer HA option, 75% of the folks would have already done just that.

I went on hiatus for awhile, after spending countless hours getting this setup, I just went in standby mode and silenced almost of all of smartthings so I didn’t have to interact with it.

Came back and apparently things have gotten worse. I still haven’t resurrected most of my system. But it still has some basic things that are haunting me, such as turning off my bed fan in the middle of the night.

Hopefully ST gets it right. This market is hot and there will be viable contenders. If ST doesn’t pull it together one day they will wake up and there will be a mass exodus kicked off by the introduction of a better option. It won’t be a slow bleed, it will be dead before it knew it was cut.

(George) #1870

Thanks, JH1. I got over it this evening. Very bad timing and an bizarre logical error.
I know what I am into here. I have a LOT of devices and even my wife enjoys/expects it.
In the shadow of the non-elastic, pseudo-Cloud issues and other reliability problems, my temporary limit was reached.

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(Chick Webb) #1871

I am just about done with this. :angry:

The latest update was good for about two days, and since then pretty much every Zigbee device I have is misbehaving in some way. Yesterday two of my OSRAM recessed lights refused to respond and had to be re-paired. Today two GE Link bulbs and three Cree bulbs dropped off and became unresponsive. Nothing in the logs. I tried resetting/re-pairing and they won’t even re-pair. Now they’re completely useless. The GE bulbs blink three times but the pairing never completes. The Cree bulbs don’t even do that.

I figure I spend about 1.5 hours a day trying to keep my 20-odd lights functioning. That’s a bit much, even for an avid hobbyist like myself. Short of just throwing the hub into the pond out back, anybody got any information that could be useful in this case?

And, yes, I sent an email to support. And, I got the auto-reply. With warm regards. As if…

(Bobby) #1872

I have my bulbs connected to ST via Hue hub, it’s fairly reliable. Aside from ST cloud hiccups, Hue connection is solid. I haven’t lost one bulb from Hue mesh in a year.

(Steve Jackson, USA, Shard 1) #1873

V1 or V2 hub? I am only curious because I don’t see devices drop. I only have about 40 physical devices and a V1 hub. I see a lot of people talking about device dropouts and if this is V2, that adds another check mark for me to stay with my V1 hub.