Update on SmartThings Classic Shutdown

That being said, then why not make the Custom Monitors Groovy available to everyone while we all are waiting for the ‘series of rule enhancements that your team is working on’ to eventually happen? I don’t understand why you just can’t add it to everyone’s SmartThings profile.


They want to kill groovy smartapps completely, that’s why they don’t do that.

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If the hub offline notification module/app is going away. How can I replicate that in the new app? Didn’t realize that functionality was changing.

PS, I just skimmed a little more of this thread and noticed the earlier post by @jdroberts, Dec 9, which posted to what I think I’m looking for: FAQ: Get a Notification if Something is Left On, Open, or Unlocked for X Minutes (2020)

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The main thing I used (and hope to still use) ST for, is a garage door alert. Of the general form “If the garage door is left open for X minutes send me a text.”

Is this still doable in the new app? I only recently did the migration and I can’t find any equivalent of this functionality in the new app, but I may be missing it.

Trying to catch up on the threads above, I’m getting the impression that when I did the migration I may or may not have seen the rules reimplemented as “Custom Monitors”. But, I couldn’t find them in the new app anywhere (although some, but not all, of them still appeared to be running last night… I was still getting some text alerts but couldn’t find anywhere to edit them in the app.)

In the interest of trying to get a clean slate, and under the impression that the old texts were just things that were going to be deleted any day anyway, I deleted and re-added both of my garage door Multi sensors. I hope I didn’t thus blow away my one and only chance at getting the Custom Monitors.

I am a programmer, so if there is any way that this can still be done that isn’t going to be deleted in 3 months, I’d be glad to do that too?

webCoRE should be around for a while and it is the bomb.com

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There’s nothing in the official features at this time. The whole point of the community FAQ is that it can still be done with the new V3 app, but you are going to have to use some unofficial code. There are a number of different ways, and those are listed in the FAQ. :sunglasses:

And, yes, one of those methods is webcore: it’s listed as option number three in the FAQ.

(The topic title is a clickable link)

FAQ: Get a Notification if Something is Left On, Open, or Unlocked for X Minutes (2020)

I’m pissed that I’m gonna loose my “unlock it when I arrive” and “lock it when I leave” apps. They have been 100% reliable, unlike the automation I created which doesn’t fire on my lock 50% of the time. This is ridiculous…removing these apps (that work) and it’s obscene that automations are so terrible at functioning properly.


These are the two Tablets Samsung Tab A (8", 2019) I bought in last Feb & Jul to use as dashboard’s for Action Tiles and in both it is working the ST Classic App and all other brand’s App’s I use for my sistem.
Now that I have migrated to new ST on my S20, every time I open the Classic App in those Tablets, a messege tell’s me to change to the new App…the problem is that the NEW App is not compatible with these Samsung Tablets…like Google Play says
I can’t imagine using 2 new Samsung Tablets with Xiaomi,Philips, Awox,Arlo,Tuya,Smart Life, Netatmo, Sonos and so on and Samsung kills me the use off ST in is own product…am I wrong?

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What kind of mounts are those?

Try updating the SmartThings app through the galaxy store instead of Google play?

I don’t have a Galaxy device to test this but I’ve heard of others fixing this problem this way.

I found them at Amazon.es.
Pay attencion to dimendions and charging point of the tablets.

Thanks for the tip but on the Galaxy Store I just found the Smartthings app for my Galaxy Watch (that work’s fine) and for the S20. If I search using the Galaxy Tablets doesn’t show now any app.

I’ve seen others mention that the smaller Tab A(8" 2019) does not work with the new app. The 10" version does. There seems to be a plethora of newer Samsung devices that do not support the new app. Seems like a serious design flaw in the app.


Thanks for the info,
I am going to see the outside dim of the 10" Tab, the price (of course…) to see if it fits at the kitchen mount and if I manage to sold one of the 8". Anyhow I would like to see what the the New App dev guys have to say about…

They will probably say nothing.

I have the 10" and it did work well on the new app before I switched platforms. Good luck.


Definitely a marketing flaw for sure.

There is a thread about tablets somewhere and a SmartThings tech advised that the new SmartThings app requires 2gb of RAM. Some currently being sold Samsung tablets only have 1.5gb which the SmartThings tech said would not be compatible with the new SmartThings app because of the 2gb minimum RAM requirement for the app.

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Hi!Thanks for your tip.
This is not the case for Samsung Galaxy Tab A (8",2019) that as 2Gb of RAM.
Samsung must explain to buyers why is still selling this recent products that today work with the ST Classic and tomorrow they won’t with the New App!
Samsung are not selling just a Tablet…they are selling also sistems that they say they work together…as it was with the ST Classic.
We are not talking of Old products and a few Euros…but in my case more then 300€ (364,54 USD) because I bought 2!

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Smart Lighting should have migrated fine, but today the new app spontaneously deletes the Smart Lighting SmartApp, including all my automations. It looks like the SmartLighting app is available for me to reinstall, but it should never have been deleted in the first place… it is an Official SmartThings app, afterall. The custom (groovy) apps I have installed all made the transition fine but SmartLighting does not.

If I reinstall SmartLighting, I will need to recreate several dozen automations… and hope SmartLighitng doesn’t delete them again. I don’t know that it’s worth it. If I’m going to recreate them, I might as well recreate them in WebCoRE, which lets me make backups. Or maybe migrate to a different platform…

What good is the ide you cant add any new smart apps the new app wont allow it.

Yep its just impossible to create some routines. Its impossible check if a device is on between sunset and a set time. You can only check between sunset and sunrise.
Its impossible to create a routing to recover from a power failure because routines that check if something is on or off only run if a device is switched. Its impossible to tell which routine turned on a light. The log just says it turned on.
And how do you add new smart apps they dont show up under add in the new app.