Update on SmartThings Classic Shutdown

Just a reminder that if both switches are Zwave at the same security level and support association, you can use Z wave direct association, and that’s normally a good solution for mirroring light switches. It’s very fast, it’s very reliable.

The annoying thing is that at present smartthings is one of the only certified Zwave hubs which doesn’t offer a native UI method for creating associations. :rage: they have long had a design preference for hiding anything which was protocol-specific from their customers. But then not always offering an alternative protocol-agnostic method for doing the same thing.

The other issue with Z wave direct association is you can’t put any filter logic around it. Once it’s set up, it always happens. That can be an issue for motion triggered lighting, but it’s usually fine just for mirroring two light switches.

So I know that doesn’t always apply depending on the specific brand and model of the switches being used, but it will work for both on/off and dim level between 2 zwave switches of the same security level as long as they support Association. And since you yourself have recently updated the zwave tweaker to work with the new V3 app, it remains an option as long as we can still use custom Z wave DTHs. :sunglasses:

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[BETA] Z-Wave Tweaker (See post #209 for new V3 app version)