Update on Routines not working and Samsung's Lack of Support

Hi, This is an update to a previous note on the reliability of the ST system in particular the routines.

Well after my last post I was so fed up I logged a call with Samsung support… Initially they responded quickly and suggested that a new firmware release to ver 0.16 would fix all my issues. They also said they had uploaded new code to my Home Hello module…not sure I believe that but still I waited until the planned date for the update. Nothing happened, no update…! So I emailed support and in between that and receiving a response a general email was sent saying they had bandwidth issues so the update was re-scheduled. I did get a reply from support saying the same and pointing out a minor error in my routines… But guess what … second attempt at update came and went without anything happening again.

I waited a few days but nothing… so I emailed support and guess what Nothing…

My conclusion is that Samsung really do not give a damn about ST and as a result are not putting in any effort to fix problems, maintain and ensure updates are handled correctly. Also I noticed they are not developing any new features or sensors even after they promised a smoke detector many months ago.

So very poor service and support in every way and one that just confirms to me the need to find an alternative.

Its a real shame that this product appears to be left to rot, if you don’t want it Samsung sell it to somebody who does and can provide better service.

We are working super hard to improve some of the reliability issues you have been seeing lately. The first time we pulled the update was due to a bandwidth issue related to one of our cloud service provides. The second time we pulled the update was because we came across an edge-case failure that did not appear in our lab testing (we have since addressed the issue for the small number of users that were affected).

We are probably going to hold on releasing the update until after the holiday weekend to ensure we have full staff available. We posted on a couple community threads and the status page, but in retrospect, did not do an awesome job communicating the issue. That is on us and we are working to improve some of our tools to make customer communication more efficient.

We just released new versions of the SmartThings app on iOS and Android. Although some of the front-end UI elements and navigation look similar, the design team put a lot of effort into cleaning up some rough edges, making everything load faster, and setting us up for more long-term improvements. We also recently made some major changes to the cloud platform (hence the annoying outage the other week) and switched manufacturers for our first-party sensors. These were major hurdles that will set us up better for the long term!

All of the above said, none of this matters if you are feeling like you are not getting the.best.support.period. If you shoot me your ticket number, I can look into what is going on and make sure we get you sorted.


Who’s the new manufacturer for the first party sensors? Was this just for the UK or are you dropping centralite in the US?

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Thank you for the reply but what holiday weekend are you referring to. The next one we have is Christmas over a month away, I don’t think it would be fair to wait that long to get a working system.

This coming Thursday, November 24, 2016, is a national holiday in the United States. Thanksgiving. The “holiday weekend” for Thanksgiving generally refers to the four days from Thursday through Sunday.

The firmware updates are managed by a team in the US, so they operate on US holidays.


The current version Samsung SmartThings Hub and sensors (like this one) are not manufactured by Centralite. They have very similar hardware (ie manufacturing change is different than design change) and there are still some of each in the sales channels.

We are not currently seeing trending reports of Routines failing. If you DM me the support ticket number, I will look into what is going on and see if we can get you sorted right away.

Going on 7 days now and Support still hasn’t been able to sort out why my Good Morning routine (time triggered) is failing to run… :confused:

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We brought on a lot of new customers with the sale this past weekend. Support is a bit behind and we appreciate the patience!

@DITPL I sent you a DM with something to test.

Update on current situation

After writing my post Samsung reviewed my call with them and made a few changes which appear to have resolved most of the issues. The initial advise I was given by Samsung regarding the firmware update being the fix was incorrect as this was done prior to the firmware update which occurred today.

So at the moment the system appears to be operating normally… but will keep an eye on it to see.

Now whilst I may have been quite critical of Samsung and their support I think the recent level of support is improved and they are trying to assist where they can.

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I am also experiencing problems with routines not firing (only had Smartthings running for two days). What did they do to resolve you routine issues?


I’m not sure what they did but the bits I do know are

  1. Check your routines to make sure you have covered all the steps … in one of mine I had left out a step
  2. Check your hub is now on version 16.00009 and phone app is updated to 2.2.3
  3. When I logged a call with Samsung they said they updated the hello module on my system

In general once I logged a call and went back if it wasn’t right they were quite good and did keep in contact to check it was fixed.

Hope you resolve it



Please keep in mind, that when support says they updated something, it simply means they pushed an “update” button in the IDE, which merely restarts the routine (or a smartapp) and sometimes temporarily resolves scheduling issues. You might as well do it yourself by logging into the IDE.

Also, be aware that the slider button option in some apps do not work when sliding but you have to double tap the sliding button then it will stick. Smart Lighting is notorious for this option not sticking unless you double tap and some buttons in CoRE does not work by sliding.

This has been the #1 reason why some of my routines were not working but has now been resolved by following the above advice.