Update on Groovy Platform Migrations

I had my last 17 DTH backed devices switch over yesterday. All were zwave, Inovelli and Zooz with a few Leviton fans. All paired with S2. All converted over to using community drivers I already had installed.

No issues noted. Saved me a bunch of work excluding and reincluding them all.

Sorry some of your migrations haven’t been as smooth.

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In the other thread where we are discussing, I believe the developers are looking at it, but I decided I can’t wait until they resolve it… If they resolve it… so I just started making new switches and adjusting things. Like you, I have too much core automation now broken that the house is a wreck.

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create new virtual switches to replace the ones that are not working or missing. Once created, edit your Routines or Smart lighting rules and remove the old ones from them. Then delete the old virtual switches.

more info on the issue in the following thread: https://community.smartthings.com/t/legacy-virtual-switches-stopped-working-july-2023/265871

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Just to check (I think the answer is “no”), is there currently a way to do so using ST standard methods, or must one use a community provided edge driver solution (I know there are a few good ones, just was holding off for a native option)?

There are community drivers, such as vEdge Creator which is a “LAN” driver and resides locally on the hub.

There are official virtual devices, as well. However, they live in the cloud, so this may be a concern, if you are trying to be local.

Th developer of vEdge, has suggested that we should use the official ones, unless you need one fo the special devices he created. However, I disagree, just on the Local vs Cloud, I want them Local for fast-response.

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I still have 8, all Zooz early versions, all running stock DTHs, no S2.

You can also make local official virtual switches using CLI.
Instructions here


The standard Virtual Switch and Virtual Dimmer prototypes can be created to run locally using the CLI (1.4.1) or the API. Other virtual devices require you to nominate an Edge driver. I rolled my own.

It is actually the cloud virtual devices I find more limiting at the moment.

I think that using the API Browser+ is the easiest way to create virtual switches…


IDE is officially dead. Now redirects to the Advanced Web App.

There are now no hub utilities such as sending logs to support, hub logging, or rebooting.


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Simple (probably stupid) question about the new SmartThings website -
What does the new “Dump Hub Logs” actually do? (It asks for a reason for doing it? Seems strange…)

I would assume sending logs to ST support and providing a reason of the issue. I may be wrong.

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Yes, it sends hub logs to support. Just poorly named.


Oh. Thanks!

Just me that had some routine turn off ?
And some button action removed ?

Smart home acting really weird for 1-2 days…

There have been a lot of Edge driver migrations this week for the old architecture custom DTHs. Some have reported that the driver selected during migration didn’t have all the same capabilities as the previous DTH. This results in Routines been disabled and that device being removed from the Routine as well. Missing buttons would be another sign of a driver that doesn’t have all the previous capabilities as well.