Update delays and lag

On Android 4.4.4

The mobile app has an issue wherein the tiles are not updating. I end up logging out and back in or force closing the app to see current information. The event list for each thing is populated with many items, but the current status is just two dashes. This is happening with several different kinds of sensor and my thermostat.

@jody.albritton I experienced this as well, please contact support. Assuming it was the same issue that I had, they have a firmware update that they can send to the hub that should resolve much of your issues.

I have this same issue (among other issues). I sent an email, so hopefully they have a firmware update they can push to us.

I just emailed support as I am seeing tons of lag and lots of delays/false reporting on tiles.

Hopefully there is a fix as I had really started to get to trust the system and it was working well!

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Support said I am on the latest firmware, and I am not sure what the remedy will be at this point.

What firmware are you running at this point?

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Currently using firmware 000.011.00705 @theedpope

Ok, well no luck, that is the same firmware that is on my hub. So this may not be the same problem that I was experiencing. In general are you seeing this in all devices? are you using the same account (Account for the App) for each controlling device? How many devices are in use that control the house? And havre you determined if any one device is better at representing the current status than others?

It’s mostly my aeon labs multi sensors and tcp lights that have this issue. I updated the firmware on my multis and the issue actually seems worse. I have the smart things hub connected to an AC bridge and I will be running cable to a central location in my house to see if that is part of the problem. I currently have 37 devices connected to ST but 59 total network devices.

Ok, so the device is Z-Wave. Had a chance to switch it out yet?

I will move everything this weekend. I have moved some of the sensors and then did the z-wave repair.

I don’t know if everyone has experienced this, but I had my ST Hub initially plugged into a hardwired switch, and had it in a built in cabinet underneath my TV; I was seeing horrendous lag, and challenges with connecting, so I moved the hub to an open room, plugged directly into the wireless router, and It’s amazing how much difference that made; There’s no lag, and there’s no issues with mis-fired updates, save the ST Motion that I just added last night, and I’ll work through that later on;


I’ve had the same there here.

I have moved everything to the center of my house, swapped out devices, tried different configurations, etc. I am still having an issue where devices are showing different states in various sections of the app. I thought at first this was a TCP issue, but now I have seen it with android presence devices, two different kinds of door sensors, and some motion sensors. The issue with the lights is while they might be registered as off on the things page, they are still showing as on for the lights page. Tapping the icon for their group just results in the icon hanging at turning off. If back out and go back in the lights still show on. I end up having to go to each light and match the state with state that the lights page thinks the light is in. After that the light button functions to turn the group on and off again. Same thing with the doors being open and shut, but for the doors I have not discovered a way to correct the state mismatch other than rebooting the hub.

I am still seeing various states of Lag periodically on the App (running on an Android Phone) from delays on Door Sensors to motion sensors staying in the ‘Motion Detected’ state for several hours (which screws my outside light monitoring).

I have the latest firmware so it must be something different.

I have been playing with a new smartthings deployment for around 2-3 weeks now and couple of things I found which have fixed most of my problems or lessons learnt

  • Don’t keep the hub near the router or any device which emits some kind of radio wave or speakers
  • Central location of the home preferrable and this is for it to interact with Zwave and Zigbee devices
  • Any other technology which depends on Wifi is unaffected by the location of the hub as its accessed through the wired ethernet setup
  • The reacheability of the signals from strong to weak is Wifi , Zigbee and Zwave. If you have Wifi devices like the Wemo then its not as much of a problem as they are accessed via the ethernet hardline. For Zigbee buy the 2013 motion sensor and one of them connect to the micro USB cable as it acts as a Zigbee repeater , this has fixed all my problems. I have 3 motion sensors and 8 Smartsense Multi’s and they all work real well with notifications being instant. If you do not receive quick notifications attempt re-pairing the devices. Zwave devices are a different category. My door lock is the furthest away from the hub and is sluggish , I was recommended to use a repeater and this is probably what I will do. Anything within 20 ft of the hub works great , beyond that your mileage may wary
  • Shaking the phone when on the Things screen shows names instead of the icons - good to know
  • The biggest problem I have had is the wemo devices not updating the status , this is a hit and miss , it sometimes works and sometimes does not , this is due to the fact this is calling an API and polling the switch. The wemo app works fine so I’m guessing it is the smartthings API. This is still a labs product so I did not expect it to work flawlessly. There seem to be different mechanisms when seeing the button on Things and selecting it and going into the Preferences screen for the device showing a different status , that is on the way to being fixed i have told.
  • The moment I got my hub Support updated it with some new firmware , that helped detect quick device state and the Wemo’s , hope that helps.